Britney Spears ‘I Wanna Go’ Music Video

When was the last time Britney had this much fun in a video?

The humour and video direction in ‘I Wanna Go’ sees a massive step forward in Britney‘s videography in terms of connecting with the humour of this generation of pop music lovers. By saying that, I am inadvertently severing myself from the pack because what I’m really referring to is the kids who were really living for promos like Katy Perry‘s ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ and Ke$ha‘s ‘Blow’.

‘I Wanna Go’ can be visually dissected into bite size, headline grabbing chunks to be taken away and instantly tweeted about. Sitting through the whole production and coming up with a verdict at the end is optional as the video’s intention is very much to shock as you go. You see Britney cursing out journos in a press conference, then flashing pedestrians and attacking paparazzis – they’re all actions that prompt an instant jaw-meets-floor reaction.


This is no shade whatsoever to director Chris Mars Piliero‘s style – just merely an observation of how ‘I Wanna Go’ doesn’t necessarily conform to traditional music video narrative styles. There’s no groundbreaking reveal or major overarching artistic plot behind it. Instead, it’s about instant gratification and giving our short attention spans something to live for with every cut. ‘I Wanna Go’ is kinda wired like a 30-second commercial, every scene was designed to grab you and knock you out so that if you don’t stay for the rest of the opus – it don’t matter, you got the gist of it and you’ll have something to talk about.

As the third installation of the Femme Fatale video anthology, ‘I Wanna Go’ fits in nicely with the fun, youthful and energetic vibe foreshadowed by its predecessors ‘Hold It Against Me’ (directed by Jonas Akerlund) and ‘Till The World Ends’ (directed by Ray Kay). All three hemmed by popular music video directors of the moment who not only know how to keep BritBrit looking relevant, but true to her style.

Check on three quick nods for the ‘I Wanna Go’ video:

1) “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you… I’m out!”

Godney has had it with your bullshit. I know everybody’s got my back when I say it’s refreshing to see Britney break out a little – even if it is just a scripted performance – and cuss, be a little inappropriate etc. In the last few years, she’s come across as very guarded and perhaps even a little puppet-like in her interviews and for many fans, her acting performance in this video is like a little fantasy. We really wish Britney could be this outrageous and uninhibited all the time.

2) When Britney dresses like an Avril stan circa 2007.

If the video direction and cheek is a nod to Ke$ha then the wardrobe department was definitely doing a homage to another pop princess: Avril Lavigne. The fluorescent pink streaks, fashionably ripped top and skinny jeans coupled with dykey spiked black boots? Mama Spears is cool enough to hang with the kids outside the mall, y’all.

3) Crossroads 2.

Holy shit, that’s genius.


Britney Spears‘ ‘I Wanna Go’ rose to #27 on the US Billboard Pop Charts this week. Her Femme Fatale shoots back up the charts to #23 on the US Billboard Hot 100 thanks to the tour, which is supported by Nicki Minaj, Jessie & The Toy Boys and Nervo. The Femme Fatale tour kicked off in the US last week and dates have been added across Europe.



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