Jennifer Hudson ‘No One Gonna Love You’ Music Video

Sassy mami Jennifer Hudson just dropped a new video and for the first time, she’s gonna dance for you.

The flawless R&B diva is really blossoming before our eyes in the I Remember Me era. Not only is she in fine form but the music and styling is also right on point. However, I’m not completely sold on ‘No One Gonna Love You’ being second single material. Maybe it speaks more to her urban American fan base but I felt like after an emotive stormy ballad like ‘Where You At’, she should be switching it up to something radiant. I was waiting for her to break out that Alicia Keys-penned nu-disco jam ‘Don’t Look Down’ but I guess, ‘No One Gonna Love You’ is radiant enough with its day-glo soul sheen. What do you think?


Director Diane Martel – the woman behind classics like Mya‘s ‘Case of The Ex’ and more recently, Adam Lambert‘s ‘Whataya Want From Me’ – sets the scene with a domestic situation I’m sure a lot of ladies out there can relate to.

Check out three points of interest in J Hud’s new video:

1) It’s not a Jennifer Hudson video if she’s not sassing off on someone.

Gurl, we’re not even five seconds into the video and she already got drama. I feel that for a four minute music video, they’ve done a brilliant job in canvassing what’s obviously a colourful and very relatable relationship situation.

We know what it’s like when you’ve been with someone for a while and they start to settle – maybe drop the ball a little – but then there’s always that glimmer of hope when they turn out something unexpectedly beautiful. It’s having those good hits when your trust and affections are won again that makes the journey worthwhile. So much good feeling and optimism about romance right now. I might go listen to Crackma Whitney‘s ‘Worth It’.

2) The real tea about J Hud’s dancing.

Let’s be real here. She’s not the new Ginger Rogers. The choreography and dancing they highlighted in this video were mainly done by her dancers. Yeah, she moved and wound her body a little while sitting down but I mean, it’s nothing to write home about. I do this shit in my car and on long flights.

3) So much eleganza.

I refuse to admit that Jennifer Hudson‘s styling has gotten better since she lost weight because I know plus-sized divas can look amazing too, but just compare her image and style in these two recent videos with stuff from her first album. Somebody’s made improvements and the young mum’s actually looking more youthful now. The baggy black pants and hat combo might seem a little dated to my eyes but that gorgeous vintage print dress she’s rocking in the last scene is absolutely flawless. Plus, them earrings! I’m having a queen fit over it.


Jennifer Hudson‘s ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’ rises to a new peak of #42 on the US R&B/Hip Hop charts this week. Here in Australia, the lead single ‘I Remember Me’ failed to impact the Top 50 despite her quick promo tour here last month. The album of the same name is currently at #25 on the ARIA urban charts.



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