Leak Report: Britney Spears ‘I Wanna Go’ UK Remixes

The remixes in Britney‘s Femme Fatale era has generally been ace thanks to the slew of upcoming and underground-ish DJs/producers involved.

Jive Records has uploaded four new UK remixes for Godney’s ‘I Wanna Go’ and they all come club correct with various smatterings of house and nouveau dub step influences. Take a listen!

‘I Wanna Go (Vada Remix)’:


‘I Wanna Go (Pete Phantom Remix)’:


‘I Wanna Go (Moguai Remix)’:


‘I Wanna Go (Gareth Amery Remix)’:


So, any takers? My favourite of the pack is probably the Moguai one but only in parts. Lately, I’ve been favouring the more destructive and darker electronica remixes, as opposed to your generic twinky house types. You know just the kind I mean. You only have to inspect any mixes done for The Saturdays to catch my drift.

‘I Wanna Go’ re-entered the US Billboard chart at #89 and cracked the pop chart at #37. It has apparently been #1 on the Korean GAON International chart – that counts for something, right?


Britney‘s ‘I Wanna Go’ is currently #23 on our Australian iTunes chart.


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