Kelly Rowland reveals “Here I Am” tracklisting

Kelendria, we need to have a talk about this.

The gorgeous R&B and dance music glamazon Kelly Rowland is winning right now. She has won over the affection of her American urban fan base with the sexy new single ‘Motivation’ – returning her to peak relevance there for the first time since ‘Dilemma’ – and over in the UK, she has copped a Top 10 dance smash in Alex Gaudino‘s ‘What A Feeling’ plus a lucrative X Factor judging gig.

Her time has finally come and while I still believe that Kelly will be the Donna Summer of this generation, I might have to suspend all hopes for a full-fledged dance album. The much delayed third solo album – Here I Am – is looking like a predominantly sexy R&B affair featuring productions by Jim Jonsin, Darkchild, Rico Love, Tricky Stewart and the A-list songwriting talents of Ne-Yo and Ester Dean.

Check out the full tracklisting as revealed on Toya’s World:

1 – I’m Dat Chick
2 – Work It Man (feat. Lil Play)
3 – Motivation (feat. Lil Wayne)
4 – Lay It On Me (feat. Big Sean)
5 – Feelin’ Me Right Now
6 – Turn It Up
7 – All of The Night
8 – Keep It Between Us
9 – Commander (feat. David Guetta)
10 – Down for Whatever

Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

11 – Heaven & Earth
12 – Each Other
13 – Motivation (feat. Lil Wayne) [Rebel Rock Remix]
14 – Commander (feat. Nelly) [Urban Remix]

As much as I love ‘Commander’ [Editor’s note: Feed Limmy Song of 2010], I gotta throw a side eye at its inclusion on the album. What business has this wig-snatching empire state of a dance single got in an R&B album? I just hope the surrounding new recordings back up and mingle well with this. I do not want a disrupted listening experience, Kelendria, do you hear me?

Another questionable choice is the omission of her flop urban singles ‘Grown Woman’ and ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’. I am probably most pressed about the omission of the latter because ‘RCG’ spoke to my soul. Out of the many Ester Dean-penned smashes recorded and released by the likes of Rihanna, Keri and Nicole Scherzinger – this was the gem I wish everybody didn’t sleep on.

Watch the video for ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’ here:


I am hoping that it surfaces in an eventual album repackage or revised tracklisting for different territories. I know the single wasn’t formally released in Australia but I think it could have a fighting chance on our airwaves. It’s not the Kelly Rowland Australians want to hear, as she’s still fondly remembered here for ‘When Love Takes Over’, but it’s a quality track that deserves to be heard.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to see the ferocious ‘I’m Dat Chick’ [Editor’s note: can we formally call this Kelly’s ‘Diva’?] and ‘Each Other’, an immensely sensual track co-written by Rico Love, making the final cut. They weren’t groundbreaking songs by any means but definitely some of the more promising Kelly leaks.

My theory is that the European or international version of Here I Am will feature a slightly different tracklisting with more dance tracks slotted in. Let her get on with the American release first and then we’ll see how the rest unfolds.


Kelly Rowland will launch Here I Am in America on 26 July.



  1. I’m positive that this is the North American edition, the international edition will be altered and have more tracks and there better be ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ !!!

    • I know, right? I’m well upset over that omission. I prefer it to the lyrically uninspiring singles.

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