Paulini returns with new single ‘Show Me Your Colors’

I was actually gagging for some Paulini a few weeks ago so the arrival of a new single from the gorgeous Australian Idol warbler couldn’t have come at a better time.

‘Show Me Your Colors’ [Editor’s note: Did you clock the Americanised spelling? Ms P, can we have a word?] is the second single released from Paulini‘s long awaited third solo album and it’s well sublime.

The ‘Ping Pong Mix’ of the song was cleverly released to coincide with her performance at China’s Volkswagon Table Tennis Championship. Yes, sista gurl got to perform at the opening and closing ceremony with a humble entourage of gorgeous Chinese dancers. Who would’ve thought that Paulini was coming for the Chinese market? I say, get it gurl.

Watch her flawless performance in Shanghai:


I first came across ‘Show Me Your Colors’ when it premiered on JOY 94.9‘s Sound Museum last night and the immediate reaction was, sure it’s not hawt enough to be considered single material for most pop stars reigning the charts these days but its simple breezy pop production is actually refreshing on the ears.

‘Show Me Your Colors’ kinda harks back to the early 00s pop balladry of say, ‘Pure Shores’. It showcases Paulini‘s sublime vocals and harmonies with delightful subtlety. The ping pong inflected beats might’ve been done by Enrique many a years ago but it fits the gig she was doing so stop haterading.

Fingers crossed for more music to come at a quicker pace. The last sighting was when Paulini guest vocalled and co-wrote Wildboyz ‘Touching A Stranger’ – a stomping dance number that could’ve easily been her ‘When Love Takes Over’. Check it out here:


I completely stan for this song and it really pains me to see that she wasn’t featured in the video or even credited as the vocalist. This needs to be corrected.


Grab Paulini‘s new solo single ‘Show Me Your Colors (The Ping Pong Mix)’ on iTunes here.



  1. Hmmmmmmm.

    I did like how she gets to sing a lyric about ping-pong in China. Cultural clichés!

  2. OMFG I just stumbled across this piece of news but I am friggen OUTRAGED about Paulini being shunned like this! They even have the audacity to put some white bitch in her place, pretending to be singing her lines… WTF??????? This is such a shame, cos it indeed is a wicked track. :(

    • I know, right?! I was so utterly pissed off when I saw the video. WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY DO THAT? It could’ve been mutually beneficial for both parties to have her on. Don’t tell me in this day and age with the likes of Kelly Rowland and Wynter Gordon doing dance music, you can’t handle a black female in the scene! PLEASE.

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