Taste Test: Chris Sebastian

We could all use with a bit more feel good pop in our lives and this guy delivers.

Introducing Chris Sebastian, an upcoming local pop/R&B sensation who is about to charm the airwaves with his debut single ‘F.L.O.W.’. Y’all might’ve already clocked the family resemblance but yes, he is Guy Sebastian‘s younger brother, and damn straight he is just as vocally gifted.

It’s interesting to hear that show producers actually approached him to try out for Australian Idol after his brother won the inaugural series but Chris declined and was determined to carve out his own path in the industry. The show would’ve given him instant exposure and thrown him right into the limelight but I’m glad he saw beyond the fast forward fame to do it this way. For all the immediate comparisons to his brother, appearing on Idol would not have been the look.

Chris has been writing and collaborating with the likes of Gary Pinto, Paulini, Kate Ceberano and ace Melbourne producer Jhay C.

Take a listen to Chris’ debut ‘F.L.O.W.’:



‘F.L.O.W.’ is set to impact radios and be released digitally on 4 July. Get into it.



  1. Sorry dont agree with you here. Chris certainly has talent. But to say he is as vocally gifted as his brother is bulldust. Doesn’t come close I am afraid. Guy is in a league of his own.

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