The Reason 4 ‘Take It All’ Music Video

Remember the hot trade pieces that showed up to the UK X Factor auditions last year? Here comes their debut single and video.

The Reason 4 (formerly known as just The Reason) is determined to not let their newfound fan base crumble to the curb so here they come forging ahead despite not making the Final 16 in last year’s mega jam-packed series. I remember being royally annoyed that they didn’t make it far in the competition. Need I remind you how utterly charming and on point they were with their acapella rendition of Cheryl Cole‘s ‘Fight For This Love’ [watch]?


The sexy man band – made up of Mark, Scott, Glen and Nathan – has since signed a publishing deal with Sony/ ATV and a record deal with Far West music to launch their recording career. The forthcoming debut album is a work in progress now with super producers Eliot Kennedy (hit maker for Take That and Boyzone) and Andy Murray (the man behind records for Christina Aguilera and Natasha Bedingfield).

Check out the mid-tempo new single ‘Take It All’ and three interesting points about the video:

1) They’re not selling eye candy, why?

There’s a perfectly dignified and rational response to this, girls. It’s their debut video and single – how can you expect them to be taken seriously if they come out dressed like the Roman back up dancers from Kylie‘s Aphrodite Les Folies tour? I think the angle these lads are going for here is respectable harmony man band. Think more Take That circa 2011 than say, Blue circa 2011.

2) The star-lit effects.

I am not crazy about the distracting overuse of lens flares and starlight screen saver. I think for a debut video that’s meant to give us a proper introduction to the band and these guys as individuals, they could’ve kept the production a lot more simpler and to the point. Think, beautiful close ups and well shot scenery scenes evocative of a classy Calvin Klein commercial.

3) The stuttering “oh” breakdown.

See – 2:19 mark. Yeah, I quite enjoyed that.


The Reason 4 will release ‘Take It All’ in the UK on 7 August. Head to their website to hear more demos.


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