Vanessa Amorosi releases ‘Gossip’ and confirms album details

Australia’s premiere pop siren Vanessa Amorosi has officially kicked off a new era in her discography today.

Her new single ‘Gossip’ has just been serviced to radios and to all digital outlets – and as you can all hear now, it’s a proper upgrade on the corker pop/rock style she purveyed on her last album.

The driving up-tempo track modestly adopts some electro pop elements and it even almost takes us there with a sweet stuttering dub step breakdown. Shame she didn’t go utterly bonkers in that section because it could well rival the stuff Britney‘s done with her Femme Fatale singles.

Lyrically, it tackles our generation’s obsession with social media and the kind of fuckery you see happening on the daily on Facebook and Twitter. “Rumours written on your page, Facebook bitches that you hate. Misconceptions of words, bad is good haven’t you heard? It’s just gossip!”

V Mama also just announced that her forthcoming fifth studio album will be titled V – not just a throwback to her namesake but also the Roman numeral for five. The album features collaborations with A-list producers like Linda Perry (the woman behind Pink and Christina Aguilera‘s legendary hits), Jimmy Harry (Kelly Clarkson and Britney), Chris Lord Alge (Green Day and Paramore), and John Fields (Bag Raiders and The Presets). I think y’all know what to expect.

This is my favourite album so far.  It will push boundaries; yet still remain fun, humorous and bright.  I had the best time writing it,” Vanessa said.


Vanessa Amorosi‘s ‘Gossip’ is now out on iTunes here. The music video – shot in Melbourne’s historic Labassa Mansion – will premiere on 11 July. The album V is slated to arrive in November.


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