Cher Lloyd ‘Swagger Jagger’ Music Video

The heat of hateration coming at this single is kinda baffling. How is there already just as many ‘dislikes’ as there are ‘likes’ for this video on Youtube? Come on kids, play nice.

Cher Lloyd, arguably one of the most unique and exciting young pop stars to emerge from X Factor, hasn’t had a very favourable run with the British press. They’ve been on her case from the get go, constantly dragging her for reportedly brattish behaviour and her chavstatic swag. Not one to just bite the pillow and take it, Cher has hit back with a hater bashing anthem that comes correct with a big budgeted and youthful video.


I stan for this bitch and I think ‘Swagger Jagger’ is just as fierce as any insipid ol’ Black Eyed Peas floor stomper. That hook interpolating ‘Oh My Darling Clementine’ is all kinds of bonkers – it attaches itself in the crevices of your ear canals and it’ll be the first thing you hear when you rise in the morning. Cher’s forthcoming album will feature collaborations with The Runners (producers behind Rihanna‘s ‘Cheers’ and several Lil Wayne records), Red One, Busta Rhymes, Kevin Rudolph and Naughty Boy (an upcoming hip hop producer from the UK). Cannot wait.

Check on three ace points about Cher‘s ‘Swagger Jagger’ video:

1) The graphics render it fresh.

I appreciate that they’ve taken a minute to think about what Willow Smith would do if she was British and wanted to speak to a generation of freshly groomed chavs. The graphics and animation rendered here enhances the youthful feel and really, if you imagine the video without it, ‘Swagger Jagger’ would just resemble an average glossy Cheryl Cole production. This speaks to Cher‘s style and target market.

2) Sweeter side.

Check on this look. Mama Chezza would be proud! I essentially think that there are two sides to Cher Lloyd. She is not swaggin’ hard round the clock, constantly masticating on gum and putting her feet up on the dashboard of your car. There is actually a softer, sweeter and girlier side to her personality – and I think that comes through in her interviews.

All the most fascinating celebrities and pop stars have the ability to intrigue the public with this kind of duality. I know it’s a stretch to even breathe these names in reference to young Cher but consider the likes of Beyonce and Britney. Cher had successfully given us a glimmer of both sides when she performed her show stopping rendition of ‘Stay’ following a series of upbeat performances on X Factor last year. I just hope the public opens their heart to her again in the same manner.

3) A+ for effort with the choreography.

What ever gave the idea that Cher Lloyd was gonna pop and lock’it like Ciara in this video? Correct your expectations, Limmy. There are heaps of hip hop/urban artists that make this kind of music and rely on a handful of highly capable break dancers to translate the energy visually. Young Cher has done a commendable job with the slight dance sequence given to her here.


Cher Lloyd will release ‘Swagger Jagger’ in the UK on 31 July.


  1. I think the reason this clip is being hated on? it’s almost… fake. Like she’s trying WAY to hard, and it shows in the style of the clip. Plus the brits were already fairly annoyed with her from X-Factor.

    • I think the clip fits the song, which I guess you might also say is trying too hard. To me, it’s just fun and I just think, “go her… swaggin’ hard and going for it”. I certainly didn’t have that kind of courage and sense of self when I was 17 or 18 :)

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