Leak Report: Michelle Williams ‘Love Gun’

There’s a special place reserved in heaven for folks who fangurl with me over Michelle Williams‘ music.

Last month we clocked the former child of Destiny in Ibiza shooting the video for her new dance single ‘On The Run’, now little did we know we were about to be served another Michelle Williams music extravaganza. Lord, they sure don’t prepare us like they do the second coming of Christ!

‘Love Gun’ is a brand new leak by the ex-gospel warbler and it hears Michy take on fluorescent 80s synth pop. Her signature harmonies and soulful vocals are still very much present but I’m personally not convinced if it is fitting well with the retro dance production.

Take a listen to ‘Love Gun’:


I’ve always said that Michelle’s voice is too special to be switched around different genres. Her warm vocal tones are probably best suited to soul, earthy and perhaps even big band/jazz compositions. Seriously, think about this. If we can somehow combine brassy big band with electronica like Dame Shirley Bassey did for her Get The Party Started version of ‘Big Spender’ – that would absolutely set Michelle in a league of her own again.

The diva is a very capable vocalist, she just has to find the right songs again and where most of her discography have been slept on, y’all need to make note of tracks like ‘Stop This Car’ (Unexpected), ’15 Minutes’ (Do You Know?) and of course, Michelle’s defining anthem ‘We Break The Dawn’ (Unexpected).


Michelle Williams is set to release her new dance single ‘On the Run’ in August some time.



  1. Gurl. I been wait’n 4 u 2 put dis out! I’m loving this joint, but reading your say above, I’m completely caught off guard. That’s so true… she NEEDS to do that. It’s great that she’s doing this electro-pop thing, but deep down I know there MUST be something more to her.

    • Haha, I just think if Michelle’s gonna do dance, she needs to have that element of surprise again – just like she did when she did “Unexpected”. That album totally lived up to its name and not just because Michelle went dance but that electro urban sound was just going mainstream then.

      She had trouble getting ‘We Break The Dawn’ added because people weren’t sure if it’s an urban or dance record. It’s unfortunate because in this current chart climate, that track would have no problems. So come on Michelle, time to upgrade that sound!

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