Sugababes sign with Sony RCA

This is not really news to anyone now, is it?

We’ve all heard word that Sugababes 4.0 – read: Heidi, Amelle and Jade – have quietly transitioned from their long time home of Island Records to Sony a few months ago to launch the new single and subsequent album. It obviously falls into wild speculation that Island have simply lost faith in the divas after Sweet 7 choked and royally flopped.

Perhaps they weren’t so sure if this new line up is as bankable any more especially in the face of intense media and fan back lash after Keisha’s dismissal? All very probable cause but it’s not like these three need to worry, bagging Sony RCA isn’t such a bad deal after all. The label is home to proper pop greats like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson.

The interesting thing mentioned in the presser is that Nick Gatfield, the man who originally signed the Babes to Island Records back in 2001 was actually the man who signed this current Sugababes line up to Sony RCA. He obviously sees something in the brand continuing.

Listen to Sugababes doing a brief acapella rendition of their new single ‘Freedom’:


Are we all excited to hear these divas premiere it in full at T4 on the Beach this Sunday? The snippet teased in the Nokia ad kinda left me gagging for more. I’m a true sucker for girl bands, you know that.


Sugababes will release ‘Freedom’ on 5 September.


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