Cher Lloyd ‘Swagger Jagger’ (Live at T4 On The Beach)

Oh, child. What have we here?

Young Cher Lloyd is taking to the stage to perform her debut single ‘Swagger Jagger’ for the first time. And let me just say, her label is looking very desperate in their attempts to have her styled right. The new shaved side hair style not only blatantly swagger jacks Cassie and Sarah McLeod but practically every streetwise ho in 2010.


The pre-performance interview shows off a typically soft-spoken and sweet young girl whose confidence look a little shaken but once she hits the stage, it’s fiyah. This looks like a well done Willow Smith concert so what’s not to approve about it? Y’all appreciate that she opened with a quick throw back to ‘Turn My Swag On’?

It was interesting watching her move around the stage the whole time because I got the feeling that she was afraid of getting hit by the beach ball. There was something about the way she moved around with her head cocked down slightly that made me think she might’ve been nervous of that. God forbid haters should strike her down like that.

And finally, we might’ve lost transmission at the end when a hurricane of confetti struck the stage. Bloody hell, overkill much? Maybe they miscalculated the batch and gave Cher the load intended for the bigger stage?


Cher Lloyd‘s ‘Swagger Jagger’ is due out in the UK on 31 July. According to Amazon, the album is tentatively penciled in for a September release.


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