Leak Report: Zoë Badwi ‘Until You’re Over Me’

You want so much for Ms Zoë to score big with this album.

Our nation’s premiere club pop vixen has been working towards this inaugural solo album for a while now, leaving us a trail of thumping singles like the epic ‘Freefallin’ and bejewelled follow ups like ‘Accidents Happen’ and ‘Carry Me Home’.

However, the one thing I’ve been waiting to hear from Zoë Badwi is that bittersweet dance ballad. I knew she had it in her and sure enough, validation has arrived. Take a listen to a snippet of ‘Until You’re Over Me’:


“Cause I can’t get over you ’til you get over me! No I can’t let you go, until you set me free. Fighting my feelings on the dance floor wishing your body was next to me…”

Last month, I had the chance to preview some tracks from her forthcoming Zoë album and ‘Until You’re Over Me’ was a clear standout. Pretty sure this LP has another single or two left in it so we might see this impacting airwaves in the future. Who knows? I mean, all things considered, they’re not gonna just unleash the full album without a new single to support it in a few months. ‘Carry Me Home’ has followed in the footsteps of ‘Accidents Happen’ to be a Top 10 ARIA club chart success but it hasn’t cracked the mainstream in the same way ‘Freefallin’ has.


Zoë Badwi will release Zoë on 5 August here in Australia.

For a club-staple diva like her, this collection ain’t complete without a massive bonus remix disc. That’s gotta be optioned in for a repackage later down the line or something, right?

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