Natalia Kills ‘Free’ Music Video

Underground pop sensation Natalia Kills drops the video for her eagerly anticipated new single ‘Free’ and if this isn’t the track to break her commercially, then I don’t know what will.

Everybody up in the pop blogosphere has been fanfaring and singing the praises of Natalia’s debut Perfectionist but she’s still got a fair way to go in terms of achieving mainstream attention. Her biggest smash to date is probably ‘Mirrors’, which made Top 5 on the US Billboard Dance/Club charts and here in Australia, we’re only getting formally introduced to her now via LMFAO‘s ‘Champagne Showers’.


I look forward to the day where we hear ‘Free’ (featuring rule the airwaves but for now, we’ve got the 90s-glam video to discuss. As usual, the visuals stay true to Natalia‘s more ominous pop vixen stylings but given the materialistic nature of the song, y’all can forgive her for posing with cash money and sexing up on a BMW bike etc., right?

Check out three key elements in Natalia’s clever ‘Free’ video:

1) 90s technology.

They could’ve gone all futuristic and new money with the latest gadgets but it’s so much more glamorous to throwback to 90s fixtures like them big ass, black bulky TVs and camcorders. Such a defining part of our childhood! I feel like we’ve all lived long enough now to see our generation re-embrace these things.

2) Editorial envy.

There’s definitely a strong fashion editorial element to this video and it goes so much beyond the clothes. Y’all see the block serif fonts that’s evocative of Vogue? The model types accompanying her in the video also drive home the materialistic vibe, depicting all the things we aspire to have while flipping through them glossy fashion mags.

3) Body for sale.

It’s pretty comical seeing Natalia‘s head superimposed onto a muscular male body, but it can also be interpreted as how we’re sold body ideals in magazines. Perhaps, it’s also a further play on a bit of androgyny? A theme that’s already well embodied in the clothes and styling of her accompanying models.


Natalia Kills will release Perfectionist on 16 August. ‘Free’ (featuring has yet to receive a digital release here in Australia. Stay tuned.


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