Shannon Noll announces comeback single ‘Switch Me On’

I was beginning to wonder what happened to good old Nolly.

The Australian Idol rocker was last seen over three years ago purveying his Top 3 selling album Turn It Up and while he has had ten consecutive Top 10 ARIA hits to his name, it’ll be interesting to see if the time away will break his chart-blazing stride.

‘Switch Me On’ is the title of his comeback single and it was co-written with Benji Madden of Good Charlotte. We’re told it stays true to his brand of classic rock so fans of ye olde ‘Drive’ and pub rock Nolly are about to get their fill here.

Shannon shot the music video for ‘Switch Me On’ in Tokyo last week and it’s expected to premiere on 1 August.


Shannon Noll will premiere ‘Switch Me On’ via his Facebook tomorrow. The single will be released on 25 July, making it his first with his new label Mercury Records Australia.



  1. Will the “Switch Me On” music video premiere at midnight 1st August ?

    • I’m not sure if it’ll drop on midnight itself, Kewrie. The presser just said 1 August. I expect it’ll surface no later than noon?

      • Where can it be seen on his Facebook or on his Youtube/VEVO page ?

      • Hey Kewrie, I assume it’d be both! :) You won’t miss it. I trust his team will be sharing it on Facebook as soon as it’s up.

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