Sugababes ‘Freedom’ (Live at T4 On The Beach)

Here it is, your first full taste of the Sugababes‘ exciting new single ‘Freedom’.

I broke the dawn early this morning to do my breakfast radio music report and to my surprise some folks aren’t even sure if Sugababes 4.0 was still a thing, let alone recognise that they’re ready to flog a new single.

Heidi, Amelle and Jade are cracking open a new era in the Sugababes discography with an En Vogue-style pop piece titled ‘Freedom’ and if you thought the snippet first purveyed in the Nokia commercial was fierce, wait til’ you hear the rest of it.


Not too shabby for a debut performance, was it?

I want so much to believe in these divas as a unit but I just can’t shake the fact that Heidi looks like an aunt chaperoning her two nieces on stage. I appreciate the need for veteran Babe to dress a bit more modestly with them high waisted skirt but given Amelle and Jade‘s more revealing attire, it just don’t look right. Way to make a hag feel like an old furniture in the new bachelorette pad.


Sugababes will release ‘Freedom’ on 5 September. Fingers crossed for a simultaneous global release.



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