Lady Gaga Live at Nevermind and Arq

Sydney gays, I feel like y’all will be crying and shaking for the rest of the week so I better leave this plate of buttered croissants at the door and let you be.

Lady Gaga is currently in Australia for a quick promo stopover where she’ll do a once-off invite only show at Sydney Town Hall (momentarily re-dubbed Sydney Monster Hall) tomorrow night. Tickets to the exclusive event has been tight with Little Monsters all across the nation waiting by the radio hoping to win passes for weeks.

The pop icon has prepared and designed a special show for her Sydney fans and I absolutely can’t wait to see footage and pictures so we all know what to expect for next year’s Born This Way Ball. It’s gonna be nothing short of a wig, sweat and glitter extravaganza. You can bet your life on it.

After her interview with Tracy Grimshaw aired on Channel 9’s A Current Affair last night – where she dropped a special studio performance of ‘Born This Way’, ‘The Edge of Glory’ and ‘You and I’ – all three songs soared on the iTunes chart. I’ll have you know that before the TV special even ended, plenty of gays were already lining up on Oxford Street for Gaga’s appearance at two major gay clubs: Nevermind and Arq.

Earlier in the day she sent off a marvelously subtle tweet confirming it all:

“Thinking of going out in Sydney Tonight. How I wish we had a show. NEVERMIND, don’t listen to me. Maybe I’ll just go for a walk in the pARQ.”

Everyone in town was practically scrambling over each other, canceling dates and anus bleaching appointments just to get down to Oxford Street. Every press sent photographers to the scene. It was a proper media frenzy and Sydney was totally living for it.

Check out a montage of her performance at Nevermind, where she ripped through the three Born This Way singles and thanked her Aussie gays:


As y’all can see, queens were lining down the block just to watch what Gaga got! Gurl, she not only performed at both Nevermind and Arq but she also brought outfit changes for each venue. It was legitimate. Check out Star Observers‘ snaps of her Arq gig here.

I’m well pleased to see the diva heading up special night club gigs to honour the city and country that first embraced her music. I totally recall when Lady Gaga was first out this way doing random club gigs to promote ‘Just Dance’. The Fame had leaked months earlier and she was already picking up fans and gays here just from word of mouth. I respect the fact that she’s giving back in this sweet small way to her Aussies.


Lady Gaga is expected to announce her fourth official Born This Way single soon with the video already in the works. She’ll be using the mermaid concept scrapped from her ‘The Edge of Glory’ promo. Look out for that!


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