Jessica Mauboy ‘Inescapable’ Music Video

Jessica Mauboy is so cute when she’s being a coy little video vixen.

Australia’s best selling Idol diva Jessica Mauboy is threatening a repackaged edition of her Get ‘Em Girls album and here to fanfare the new era is this effervescent single: ‘Inescapable’.

Y’all know serial balladeer Diane Warren is behind this and it truly sounds like a pop jam fit for Charice or any of them Disney pop princesses. I just want Jess to come through and do the unexpected again like she did with the ghetto fabulous ‘Get ‘Em Girls’ but for now, she’s gotta catch them hits with something infectious and radio ready. Side bar: I know a lot of fans were gagging for ‘Maze’ to be a single and I’m not completely opposed to that.


It’ll be interesting to see how the seven new songs on the beefed up Get ‘Em Girls alter the album’s feel. But for now, let’s check on three points about the ‘Inescapable’ video:

1) So glam.

The turquoise and gold is so retro glam but best of all, it really brings out Jessica’s gorgeous skin colour. Remember how they tried this palette on Paulini‘s Superwoman album promo shots and it looked divine? In other note, the gold grill frame with a mic protruding from above isn’t quite the business now, is it? It’s like they’ve taken one look at the song title and couldn’t decide if they wanna sequester Jess in the video. That mic was just there for good measure to represent the singingness.

2) Keep it flirty, keep it clean.

I enjoy this playful scene where Jess is all over the dude tied up to a chair. The thing I look forward to in any Jessica Mauboy video is her smile and I’m really glad they kept it fun, flirty and non-sexual. This is not the video to be winding and grinding up on a man. I just don’t feel that. Having said that, gurl, if you’re not going to please that cutie – step aside and let me cater to him.

3) Mirrors and wind machines.

Yes, diva. You better own that shit. No video is complete without hair flicking and wind machines. This scene, especially with the pink lighting, is kinda reminiscent of Kat DeLuna‘s ‘Push Push’. Possibly also a really good Supré commercial. I’m not one to judge.


Jessica Mauboy‘s ‘Inescapable’ is now released on Aussie iTunes – both radio version (Youngboyz Mix) and OFM remix. The repackaged edition of Get ‘Em Girls is slated for an August release.



  1. That tied up boy is gorgeously adorable. The way he smiles at her with his head tilted and wanting to get closer to her is soooo cute!!!

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