Melanie C ‘Think About It’ Music Video

Another Melanie C video already! Y’all ain’t ready for this.

The gorgeous Spice memaw is wasting no time in serving new material and if I had to guess, this taste of guitar-driven, dance/pop heaven here is probably a better indication of what’s to come on her forthcoming album The Sea.


‘Think About It’ is catchy and so to the point. I’m really living for the production and sizeable hook. It’s Melanie’s first time collaborating with The Cutfathers (the production team behind Kylie‘s ‘All I See’) and the result sounds like a cohesive evolution on the rock/pop Melanie C sound we’ve all come to love post-Spice.

If there’s one thing you can say about her discography is that Melanie’s sonic transition from one album to another rarely feels forced or jarringly awkward. She has come to a point – I mean, this is solo album number five now – where she’s confident in her sound, what suits her and what her fan base wants to hear.

I have to say, I was a little put off when I heard ‘Rock Me’ but the video restored the faith a little. With ‘Think About It’, the love is a lot more immediate. It works for Melanie in the way of achieving organic danceable pop that fits her style and as for the video, here are three things you need to consider about ‘Think About It’:

1) The oh-no-she-di’nt catsuit.

Oh yes she fucking did. A nude lace catsuit, y’all. Mind blown.

2) Screen projections.

It’s a rather inexpensive but effective look for a pop video. Some of these graphics have to be Macbook screen savers, am I right? If done properly, the concept of dancing in front of these projections can be visually stimulating like what Sarah Chatfield did in Freemasons/Wynter Gordon‘s ‘Believer’ video. Melanie hasn’t done too poorly for herself now, has she?

3) Unstoppable.

As I said when I reviewed her ‘Rock Me’ video, Melanie C is looking flawless as ever and she really is ageing quite nicely. I also feel like she is becoming more confident in her figure now and there’s plenty more video vixen realness to deliver in the years to come.


Melanie C‘s ‘Think About It’ is getting serviced to UK radios as we speak. The single will be released first in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on 26 August. It is out on 4 September globally via iTunes, the same day as its parent album The Sea. Have your coin purses ready.



  1. THIS IS FIYAH!!! Her most exciting single since ‘On the Horizon’. This is a certified hit, hopefully it will turn things around for her…

    • I love that you say it’s the most exciting since ‘On The Horizon’! Like, REALLY?

      ‘On The Horizon’ was alright to me. I think its similarity to Santana/Michelle Branch’s ‘Game of Love’ (which was huge at the time) kinda detracted the affections a little for me. But y’know, come to think of it… I can’t name a Mel C single that rivals this in terms of “excitement”. Most Mel C singles come by and I’m satisfied but I’m never like, spilling Milo jumping for joy etc.!

  2. Haha, well yeah, for me! I don’t know why it wasn’t the lead single off ‘Reasons’, it would’ve been better I think. To be perfectly honest, I NEVER really realized the similarity between that and ‘The Game of Love’ ! Oh wow. Yes, that’s actually so true.

    Nonetheless, this is exciting stuff. She hasn’t released an upbeat single for a long time (we’ll just pretend her ‘I Want Candy’ cover never existed…) and this is just a perfect comeback track. Have you checked out the acoustic live versions? ALL KINDS OF AMAZING!

    • What?! Live acoustic versions of ‘Think About It’? I’mma search. And I just read that the club remixes have surfaced!

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