Pixie Lott ‘All About Tonight’ Music Video

Young Pixie Lott is looking rather sun-kissed and full of life here, am I right?

The 20-year old English pop sensation is back with the first single from her forthcoming album and she’s ready to flaunt a sultrier image. Can you handle it? Pixie has had seven consecutive UK Top 20 hits and so there comes a bit of pressure to battle the sophomore slump with this one.


‘All About Tonight’ isn’t connecting with me in a real way. Something about the featherweight dance synths just sound a little dated to me. I just think it’s worrying when The Wanted‘s new single feels more immediate than this. As for the video, it looks like a fun affair that wonderfully captures the frivolity of a night out with the girls.

I don’t really know much about  Pixie‘s past videos but is this dancing in sexy one-piece a new thing for her? It seems like it might be. Here are three thoughts about the ‘All About Tonight’ video:

1) Doing Jo O’Meara for the 2011 crowd.

There’s something about Pixie’s look in this video that really recalls the beauty of many British female pop stars of the early 00s era. I’m picking up a little smouldering Rachel Stevens in another scene and the blonde crop is giving Jo O’Meara eleganza. In short, there’s a spirit in this video that makes me wanna believe that it’s channeling the early 00s. All we need is some leather pants and them “futuristic” sets with metal, glass and water cascading down then we’re set.

2) What about this scene?

Look at the trouble they went to to get this scene set up all pretty under the bridge and it was so sorely under-utilised in the video. The heinous wig Pixie has got on has a lot to answer for.

3) Dear me, Ms Pixie.

I always thought that Pixie Lott was designed as a young soul/pop warbler. The exuberant and fun young party girl look is giving me an unexpected spin but none more so than the smoky new look she’s serving here. She a woman now. Comparing this sophomore album transformation with that of say Gabriella Cilmi circa ‘On A Mission’, this one is far less explosive and jaw-dropping.


Pixie Lott will release ‘All About Tonight’ on 4 September in the UK. Side bar: she is featured on the new Selena Gomez & The Scene album track ‘We Own The Night’, a track Pixie wrote with Toby Gad.



    • Hey Hayley,

      Well I don’t think it was a deliberate reference to Gaga. I think they might’ve just wanted a different blonde hair look for the video and that cut (with the bangs etc) just seem like a youthful and current fit. :)

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