Jessica Mauboy “Get ‘Em Girls” Deluxe Edition Album Details and Tracklisting

Look what they’ve done to the place. Get ‘Em Girls has gone through a bit of refurbishment and is now ready for show, y’all.

Australia’s premiere R&B princess Jessica Mauboy is relaunching her sophomore album Get ‘Em Girls complete with a revamped tracklisting boasting seven new tracks and several remixes. It’s a titan collection of 25-tracks all up and it’s interesting to see fan favourites like ‘Maze’ and ‘Like This’ moved higher up on the list while other album tracks get slotted on the second disc. Mind you, they shafted the original ‘Get ‘Em Girls’ and replaced it with a new remix featuring rapper Chizzy.

Check on the official tracklisting for Jessica’s Get ‘Em Girls deluxe via auspOp:

Disc one:
1 – Run
2 – Nobody Knows
3 – Like This (feat. Iyaz)
4 – Saturday Night (feat. Ludacris)
5 – Maze
6 – Scariest Part
7 – Not Me
8 – Inescapable (Youngboyz Remix)
9 – Reconnected
10 – What Happened To Us (feat. Jay Sean)
11 – Forget Your Name
12 – Can Anybody Tell Me
13 – Make It Alright
14 – Saturday Night (Sgt Slick Remix)
15 – Galaxy (feat. Stan Walker)

Disc two:
1 – Get ‘Em Girls (Music Is My Business Remix) [feat. Chizzy]
2 – Saturday Night (DCup Remix)
3 – What Happened To us [OFM Remix] (feat. Jay Sean)
4 – Accelerate That
5 – Inescapable (OFM Remix)
6 – Handle It
7 – Foreign
8 – Fight For You
9 – Here For Me
10 – No One Like You

So let me get this straight, looks like disc two is designed as her Sasha Fierce disc bearing the more ghetto fabulous cuts like ‘Accelerate That’, ‘Handle It’ and ‘Foreign’. In terms of value, it’s still worth it for any Jessica Mauboy fan – even if you’ve already emptied your coin purse on iTunes for the new ‘Inescapable’ single bundle and ‘What Happened To Us’ remix.

The cover art is looking splendid and clean like a shoot for the Sunday magazine. The billion dollar smile, simple tank top and full bodied curls are right on the money. She looks like an Australia’s Next Top Model contestant ready for a go-see. In short, the visuals are a far cry from the cheap, mish-mash theme of the original Get ‘Em Girls.

With all this money and effort invested into reupholstering the collection, I won’t be surprised if Get ‘Em Girls version 2.0 yields two more singles to take her through the Christmas buying season. Then, what? Will she head on out for her first ever solo tour? I think it’s about time.


Jessica Mauboy will release Get ‘Em Girls deluxe on 13 August



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