Vanessa Amorosi ‘Gossip’ Music Video

V Mama‘s rocking social commentary pop piece ‘Gossip’ isn’t exactly sparking conversations at the water cooler now, is it?

The single has been out for close to three weeks now and it’s still yet to penetrate our ARIA Top 100. Should we be worried? Now because I have so much idle time and coffee, I’ve come up with an inspired and utterly fail-proof promo route to take ‘Gossip’ into, at least, the Top 50. Team Ness, I’ll give you a minute to fetch a pen and pad.


Given the song’s lyrical content and timely arrival when current affairs programs are utterly fixated with cyber bullying – why not have Vanessa Amorosi go on some high school tour with Tracy Grimshaw [Editor’s note: she is the preferred go-to bitch now that she has momentarily connected with the younger generation through her Gaga interview]?

Don’t flip out, kids, but just imagine if V Mama and the entire ACA film crew came to your school to peddle ‘Gossip’ and leave y’all with a feel good message on self-confidence and handling hurtful rumours. Wouldn’t that be fun? And there’ll be a sausage sizzle during lunch break and everything. Y’all can grab a copy of ‘Gossip’ and have the CD signed by Ness! Get a photo for the year book etc. You’re welcome.

In the meantime, while you marinade on that, here are three pennies I have to offer on Vanessa Amorosi‘s ‘Gossip’ video:

1) Styling Gingerosi.

Gurl, pull up a seat and grab us a cup of camomile tea. We need to talk about the stylistic choices made in this video. There’s really nothing popstarly or visually stimulating about the looks in this video. And as the first single designed to herald a new era in your discography, you want a look that screams “It’s 2011 and I’m back, bitchez. Get up out your seat.” But no, just like the song itself, ‘Gossip’ the video doesn’t give fans much to live for.

Nessa’s outfits look dated and pedestrian, when really as the star of the video, your cast should have no business looking more style appropriate than you. There’s also a pang of shock with how awkwardly pale she looks on film, especially in contrast to the strong colours around her. In terms of make up – they should’ve stepped up their game. Why should all the fascination be left to whatever is adorning her arm? See: cheap sequined sleeve and big black tulle bow.

Also, if you’re going to surround her with kids, please don’t let her be the only girl in lose-fitting or flowing dresses. It really dates her to death. Obviously the age gap between starring pop star and young cast is not as dramatic in Vanessa’s case but please refer to Melanie C‘s styling in the ‘Carolyna’ video. That’s how you make it work without alienating or dating your star.

2) Old meets new.

Not shading Vanessa and her noticeably younger cast again but rather a theme observation. ‘Gossip’ references some very modern day social networking problems like rumours on Facebook etc., however, the video deliberately juxtaposes the lyrical content with some vintage looks. Not only was it shot at Melbourne’s historic Labassa mansion but there’s also a smattering of old school technology thrown in the mix [see: TV set, portable radio and classic black telephone]. It certainly gives the video more visual depth but also demonstrating that “gossip” and rumours really have been spreading for as long as humans have had the means of mass communication of any sort.

3) Agony Aunt Ness.

Definitely my favourite look in the video. I had to leave y’all on a high note.


Vanessa Amorosi‘s ‘Gossip’ is out now and the forthcoming album V is expected to drop in November.



  1. I don’t know, I love the video… I think her look throughout the entire clip is amazing. I wasn’t a big fan of this track at first either, but after hearing it a few times I really loved it.

    • I think this could be Vanessa’s most exciting album to date so I hope people get behind it or at least persevere with it, even if ‘Gossip’ is not their thing.

  2. Limmy sunshine, cheer up! Life isn’t all that bad sometimes!

  3. I disagree. I like the video as is. You would think she’s trying to make a statement . She isn’t. Its just a great song and a great, fun video.

  4. My question is where is the V Army when she needs to sell this single? If you believe all the Take 40 and The Hot Hits polls she has not only won, but absolutely smashed the opposition in recent months, you would think even an ordinary song like this would at least enter the iTunes Top 100, especially when it is already #32 on the national radio play chart. Seems when it really counts she doesn’t have the numbers. The fans of the real superstars don’t need to spend mindless hours voting and cheating on polls. They know their artists will prove again and again how big they really are with cd and concert sales. And poor Vanessa was starting to believe the hype from all these poll wins too. She said in an interview with Take 40 that her army were going to help her rule the world. Australian iTunes would be a good place to start. Hop to it V fans. lol

    • Today’s dose of reality served by “It All Comes Out In The Wash”. Thank you!

  5. Hey It All Come Out In The Wash, you obviously must be a fan of Short Stack or 30 Seconds To Mars! Yeah sorry you had to loose with us so many times, I see it must still be hurting you ;)

  6. Ha. No Anna. Fan of neither. Just someone who deals in reality. And the reality is that polls prove nothing when you can cheat on them. If those Take 40 and Hot Hits polls were a genuine test of fanbases the huge stars like Lady Ga Ga, P!nk etc would be winning them. Not Vanessa every time by thousands and thousands of votes. And the smug way you V army voters behaved on those polls was disgraceful. Taunting all the other fans. Well when it comes to selling her new song Vanessa is not doing too well atm. Which just goes to show you can’t trust a poll which can be manipulated and cheated on to work out who the big artists are. You need to look at sales and right now Vanessa is not looking so hot, is she.

  7. We are blessed to live in a country where we can freely speak our mind, express ourselves freely by choosing what we wear, how we wear it and who we spend our time with. “It all comes out in the wash”, I see you have chosen to exercise your right of “freedom of speech”, yay for you.
    Thank you for being the “chosen one” to advise us mere mortals on how the polls we participate in are in fact not a true reflection of what is “reality”. Thank you for bringing to our attention that all Vanessa fans “cheats, manipulators, taunters and smug”. Yep, that’s not putting the few thousand V fans in the same category now is it!?!?!! WOW, you’ve really given that dictionary of yours a flogging!!!
    Vanessa is an amazingly talented artist who, despite what some people may think will dominate the charts. I find it rather pathetic that people have to consume their time bagging out others just to make themselves feel better.
    At the end of the day, let the music speak for it’s self and, it’s an old saying I know BUT “If you’ve nothing nice to say – say nothing”.

  8. Completely failure! Well done, VA and crew!!!! Hahahahahahahaaahahahhaaaaaaa

  9. I was disappointed when i heard this on Joy 94.9 today… but then I saw the clip… she almost looks alien with that gorgeous pale skin!! The problem with VA is she’s making music that’s very Aus Top 40 but she’s stylin’ very non-mainstream… good on her for doing what she does is all I can say!

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