Marvin Priest drops new single with Wynter Gordon: ‘Take Me Away’

It’s a match made in heaven for these two artists who have found favour in the dance/pop lane.

Marvin Priest – best known for his ARIA Top 10 smash ‘Own This Club’ – is back with a suitably up-tempo follow up: ‘Take Me Away’ featuring our gurl Wynter Gordon.

The single is produced by Fredrik Odesjo (who has worked with the likes of Sugababes and Guy Sebastian) and on the surface, it sounds like another glossy commercial dance/pop piece crafted for maximum impact on today’s chart and airwaves. However, I just can’t shake the feeling of this being some pedestrian reimagination of a Taio Cruz track.

I am not even gonna lie that I emptied my coin purse for this because Wynter‘s on it. You know where my loyalty lies. In terms of quality collaborations – and she has had a few – I’m not convinced that ‘Take Me Away’ is a worthy mention. We’ve got Wynter in on the hook, transcending us to a higher stroblit place and what’s a little distracting is hearing Marvin interject with, “I will” when she is wailing “take me away.” That wasn’t necessary. Sit down, have a sip of Milo and let her do the thing! We’ll call you when it’s time to do the verses.

It’ll be interesting to see how it fares with radio support and rotation because Marvin’s last single was a huge success on the airplay chart. But as far as Wynter is concerned, this is just warming the seat until her next solo single ‘Buy My Love’ comes out.


Marvin Priest and Wynter Gordon‘s ‘Take Me Away’ is now out on iTunes. The music video, intimate scene pictured above, should be uploaded soon.



    • The video was filmed about two to three weeks ago. It’ll be coming out soon I guess.

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