Leak Report: The Saturdays ‘All Fired Up’

The British girlband that is coming forward stronger than ever might’ve just launched their most commercially viable single to date.

The Saturdays have long straddled the fine line of hits and misses with their three year discography. It has taken the public a while to figure out their signature sound but I think ‘Notorious’ solidified everything when it came out two months ago. You see, ‘Notorious’ had all the recognisable designs that were consistent with their back catalogue. Think: strut-worthy phosphorescent pop number with elements of R&B that recalls their finest singles ‘Up’ and ‘Higher’.

However, the brand new single ‘All Fired Up’ is switching gears, slamming the pedal down and accelerating the girls to a dance/pop lane. Sonically, this positions The Saturdays in the league of LMFAO and David Guetta etc. and it’s utterly hands-in-the-air Ibiza o’clock.

Take a listen to the track here and tell me what you think:

“I put my head to the speakers saying, DJ blow my mind!”

‘All Fired Up’ also marks The Saturdays‘ first collaboration with Xenomania – long-time hit maker for rival band Girls Aloud. It was also written by Space Cowboy (who worked with Lady Gaga circa The Fame) and upcoming British teen rapper/producer MNEK, so if it doesn’t sound distinctly like a Xenomania creation – you know why. Speaking of these ladies closing in on Girls Aloud, anything familiar about the above new promo shot?

My first impressions of the track are not necessarily one of extreme joy. Commercially, I can see this song working for The Saturdays because it sounds current and there’s an instantly club/radio-friendly feel to it, but the music and lyrics just don’t speak to me. Maybe it’s my overworked body speaking out after a night of clubbing but the overly familiar dance beats just don’t move me.


The Saturdays will release ‘All Fired Up’ on 4 September. There’ll be a CD single, Maxi-CD version and also a vinyl single. What did we say about them coming club correct?



  1. I’m not feeling it to be honest, it would probably be something fun to dance to, but only if I was drunk enough.

    Honestly I can’t imagine myself ever downloading this because you can’t sing along to it. It feels like it was a fun pop song that has been stripped away and turned into a dance/club remix.

  2. It sounds like 3 minutes made up of one long chorus and no verses. It sounds like a teaser of the song that lasts as long as a regular song.

    • I kinda feel that way too but knowing Xenomania, it’s quite typical for them to create a pop track with no distinct structure – just a series of hooks. If you’re familiar with Girls Aloud’s material, you’ll see that happening too.

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