Chart Feed – 25.07.11

Lady Gaga is on the edge of another #1 smash. It’s a dried up pun but I am flogging it anyway. ‘The Edge of Glory’ rises to a new peak of #2 here in Australia this week. If it does ascend to the top, this will be Ms Germanotta’s fourth #1 hit in the country following ‘Just Dance’, ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Born This Way’. Over in the US, the arrival of the ‘EOG’ remixes saw the single leap up the dance/club charts to #5 this week while the regular single version remains mostly the same on the Hot 100, pop songs and radio airplay charts. Gaga‘s double platinum-selling Born This Way album sits at #2 in Australia this week, spit roasted between two monstrous Adele records 21 (top) and 19 (bottom).

Since news broke of Amy Winehouse‘s tragic passing yesterday, her defining Back to Black album has soared to the top of iTunes charts all across the globe. In the last 24 hours, the record managed to go #1 in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Portugal. How about that? I don’t think I’ve recited that many European nations since grade five geography. In the brief time where this sales surge still counted for the week ending, Back to Black managed to rake up enough to re-enter the UK Top 100 at #59. Over on the UK R&B charts, ‘Back to Black’ the single re-enters at #22.

Adele – who would’ve thought that she’d have a place on the club charts too. I know, right? This global domination is getting a little cray-cray. ‘Set Fire to The Rain’ – the albeit quite decent Moto Blanco remix – has cracked the ARIA club charts at #45 this week. I’ve always seen our club charts as a fair indication of what regular commercial clubs like. Y’know, as opposed to what I actually get down to at my regular gay club which only spins pop radio edits. I honestly can’t imagine too many folks in them straight clubs getting down to some stern Adele epic. ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ is not the kinda shit you bump genitals to. This club remix is clearly designed for queens to emote to on the dance floor. No good moves can come of this.

Take a listen to ‘Set Fire to The Rain (Moto Blanco Club Mix)’ and let’s emote together under the strobe lights:


Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Moves Like Jagger’ continues to charm the airwaves and charts, rising to new heights of #6 this week in Australia. Meanwhile, fellow The Voice judge Blake Shelton is also winning thanks to the new found ubiquity. The well-timed release of his new album Red River Blue saw it debut straight on top of the US Billboard 200 on Wednesday. Blake is no stranger to reigning in the country scene but this is his first #1 album on the Billboard 200. You can tell Christina‘s just itching to have a record out already but word is, she’ll probably drop one to coincide with the next season of The Voice. She was smart to not go in when Blake and Maroon 5 are cooking up hits. It would’ve been a Voice overkill and Xtina wouldn’t put herself in a situation where she can’t come out the strongest.

Gotye and Kimbra‘s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ leaps to #12 on the ARIA charts this week, making this the biggest commercial success yet for both artists. It totally helped that the single + video bundle had advertising residency on the iTunes home page all week and not the mention, the decent radio support it has gotten. Aren’t we glad that Havana Brown is no longer the highest selling Australian on the chart? Not to shade on ‘We Run The Night’ or anything because both the single and video are fierce as fuck but I’m ready for a new leader in the race.

The Potbelleez – following on from our discussion of Aussie acts – are ready to drop a new single this Friday titled ‘Midnight Midnight’. They experienced a fair chunk of success with the last single ‘From The Music’ and even though ‘Midnight Midnight’ is technically the band’s fourth single from Destination Now, the album is still fairly new on the block so one can probably expect maybe a fifth one to follow this? The gang are currently half way through their nationwide tour.

Beyonce‘s ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ cracks the Australian Top 20 this week, placing itself at #18 and interestingly enough – certifying gold sales already. Its ferocious predecessor ‘Run The World’ is just about ready to exit our Top 50 but not before collecting a platinum sales certification. The album 4 has completed its first month in our Top 10, even though it has been dropping two places every week like clockwork. 4 is currently at #8 this week [Editor’s note: we saved you from doing the math]. Over in the UK, 4 reigns at #2 while ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ holds tight to #4 position. In the US, 4 tumbles after two weeks on top, slipping to #5 on the Billboard Hot 200 while ‘BTINH’ dips slightly to #25 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Blink 182‘s comeback single ‘Up All Night’ debuts at #30 in Australia this week. I feel nothing so let’s move on, tea is getting cold. Major UK dance hit ‘Mr Saxobeat’ by Alexandra Stan is finally crossing over to Australia. The track might’ve dominated the club scene for a bit but it made it’s debut on our mainstream ARIA Top 50 this week at #49. The climate is right for dance music and it seems with Australia, we’re really down with the polar opposites. On one hand you’ve got roof-raising dance singles colouring the airwaves and the other, organic soulful artists like Adele and Seeker Lover Keeper doing well.

Incubus‘ new album If Not Now, When? debuts at #2 in the US and #10 in Australia, making it the highest selling new album here this week. Spare a thought for American adult contemporary darling Colbie Caillat who saw her third album All of You debut at #49 in Australia. I’ve seen her new Olay commercial-looking promo shots advertised on several websites but pardon me, does she even have a single on the radio? Do people know the bitch is back? Over in America, results are more favourable for All of You – it topped the digital charts and came in at #6 on the Billboard Hot 200, selling 70,000 first week copies.

The Wanted spends their second week on top of the UK charts with ‘Glad You Came’. I was shocked at first, then I checked the surroundings for any real new chart contenders and it all made sense. Further down, Selena Gomez and The Scene‘s ‘Love You Like A Love Song’ cracks the UK Top 100 to land at #58 while across the Atlantic, its sister single ‘Who Says’ ascends to the top of the US Billboard dance/club charts. Can’t hold a good Disney ho down.

Upcoming UK pop sensation Yasmin has been riding the cool underground wave on the blogosphere all year so if you haven’t already inspected her new single ‘Finish Line’, do it quietly now and then just act like you know. The track leapt up the UK indie singles chart to #29 this week. Y’know, there’s something mesmerising about her understated hip hop-inflected pop that’s a little reminiscent of early Sugababes material. Check out the video for ‘Finish Line’:


Kylie Minogue has some kind of obscene value pack compilation thing happening in the UK aptly titled The Albums 2000-2010 which entered the charts at #37 this week. It is some frankenstein five-disc creation with a mash up cover, featuring Light YearsFeverBody LanguageX and of course, Aphrodite. Are they dropping this in Australia or have they decided that we’ve had enough with our tour edition and over-the-top Goddess edition Aphrodite? Meanwhile over in the States, her most recent single ‘Put Your Hands Up’ rises to #10 on the dance/club charts.

Y’know, I’ve never been more certain that Kylie‘s no longer perceived as mainstream enough for the kids than when this single was snubbed. Has she been written off in Australia and just relegated to the realm of fags and accompanying hags? Oh dear, what has happened? Will children grow up and not recognise Kylie? Will they speak of her like we speak of Taylor Dayne right now? I need to lie down for a bit.

Wynter Gordon‘s ‘Til Death’ ascends to a new peak of #4 on the US dance/club charts. It would be a glorious moment to see my gurl achieve two consecutive US #1 dance hits – I’ve got my fingers crossed. Ms Gordon is currently in tour rehearsal mode preparing for her month-long support gig accompanying Patrick Stump. The dates see them cover most major cities in America including a few spots in Canada.

Meanwhile, I would really love to have a radio edit of R3hab‘s ‘Til Death’ remix pushed to US and UK radios. It can be their answer to our Australian Denzal Park single version. Take a listen and just nod furiously in agreement:


Kasey Chambers has cracked the US Billboard Heatseeker albums chart at #6 with her latest country effort Little Bird. I say get it, Kasey. Don’t let them tell you you’re not pretty enough [Editor’s note: wrong KC era, mate]. This is the album she’s going in with to crack America and I’ve read some critics saying it’s actually her strongest body of work to date. Someone’s in with a good winning chance if she puts in the time and hard yards touring. Conquering America is no quick feat – just ask fellow Aussies Missy Higgins, Delta, Guy Sebastian and I guess if there’s one more spot on the panel I gotta fill, Tamara Jaber.

Che’Nelle‘s romantic covers album Luv Songs managed to climb to the top of the Japanese iTunes charts after its release last Wednesday. You know I stan for my fellow Malaysian sista from another mista, even if the prospect of doing some vanilla covers album ain’t exactly hot. I’ve had a listen to the collection and Ms Lim thoroughly owns it. They sound like Che’Nelle tracks. Picks of the pack include her cover of Ne-Yo‘s classic ‘So Sick’ and ‘Sakura’, a sublime English-rewriting of the classic J-pop ballad.


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