Nicola Roberts starts filming ‘Lucky Day’ music video

Onto the next one, onto the next one.

Ginger pop siren Nicola Roberts was snapped in New York filming the music video for her second single ‘Lucky Day’. The blossoming style icon didn’t disappoint onlookers with her criminally short floral dress and a flash of leopard print underwear. She appears to be keeping in the party line set by her last video, featuring two female back-up dancers serving it up with her on the East Village streets. Summer street fashion realness, y’all.

I am totally excited to hear more from La Roberts. In fact, it killed me that her fantastic song of the year-worthy debut ‘Beat of My Drum’ struggled to chart higher than #27 in the UK. I thought it was gonna experience a holy resurrection after the physical single arrived in stores with the support of new TV performances but no, when the song did climb back up the UK charts it only managed to peak at #50. ‘Beat of My Drum’ sinks to #59 this week.

Check out an early live performance of ‘Lucky Day’ here:


Do you reckon this track could drum up more interest in her solo material? Somehow I see Nicola being a hipster and critics’ fave so even if commercial success eludes her, she’ll always have the cool factor to fall back on. Is it crazy that I’ve pre-ordered my autographed copy of the album already?


Nicola Roberts is set to release her debut album Cinderella’s Eyes on 26 September. ‘Lucky Day’ is expected to precede the album release. It shan’t be long now, Team Ginge!



    • The live recording there doesn’t quite do it justice. I’m waiting to hear the full studio version! :)

      • After the first live of ‘Beat of my Drum’ I don’t dare get a first impression of the song based on a live, I’ll wait for studio too.

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