Australian rapper 360 brings up old demo predicting Amy Winehouse’s death

And not a moment too soon too! Let me just say, if you thought this morning’s M.I.A. “Amy Winehouse tribute” track was distasteful, you’re gonna want to sit down for this.

Emerging Melbournian rapper 360 just posted on his Facebook wall an old demo he wrote two years ago titled ‘Amy, Amy, Amy’ which he said “prophetically” foreshadowed the troubled soul singer’s untimely demise. The explicit track sets up a fictitious scene where the rapper plays Amy’s boyfriend and they’re having an altercation over her excessive drug use.

“I took your arse to rehab and you’re like no, no, no! You need to make this suitable choice, get off the crack and try to save that beautiful voice… just don’t overdo it, I’d hate for you to die now,” he spits before aggressively depicting her drug overdose, complete with a call to an ambulance.

Listen to ‘Amy, Amy, Amy’ here:


Hearing that demo – especially now when we’re still freshly wounded by the shock of Amy’s death – will probably go down as one of the most uncomfortable listening experiences I’ve ever had in my life. On top of that, the user comment that accompanied the YouTube clip reeked of utter disrespect, trivialising the death of not just a “recording artist”, “walking headline”, “addict” or whatever, but a human being.

The post reads:

“Amy Winehouse is dead, that’s like 3 crack whores I know, who have died. Ah well, I hear there a dime a dozen in the states. Anyway, here’s a tight track by my man 6 about this crack whore. Did I mention she was a crack whore?”

That heinous level of indifference and callous scorn is further echoed in the Facebook comment section with 360 fans finding humour in the timely re-upload of the track. “It’s old as the song but yeah I chucked it on when I heard for some solomn thoughts haha [sic],” one user commented.

Further down, one Facebook fan showed some slight understanding of why this post might be inappropriate, “Never too early for 360 aye mad c*nt,” but was shut down by another user who simply retorted, “too soon? We dont give a fuckk [sic].”

Charming bunch. Y’all should take a look for yourselves, it’s a cesspool of class and compassion up in there.

360 is a Melbourne-based hip hop artist best known commercially for his recent single ‘Just Got Started’ featuring Pez. He is expected to drop his debut album in September and to be honest, I don’t see this as a calculated publicity stunt. What this looks like to me is some poorly conceived, vain and opportunistic exploitation of the death of a celebrity.

The fact that he had presented the track now as his “prophetic” writing of Amy Winehouse‘s life implies that he had some kind of gift or insight into her situation. Well good for you, mate. I’mma have to send you some flowers. That was an impressive read. Now that she has died, by the way of reasons still unconfirmed, does that fill your heart with a warm glowing validation that you were right all the long about her tragic end?

We’re not even gonna talk about Amy Winehouse fans for a minute here. I want to know how, by dragging out that beat up old demo of his, is 360 bringing comfort to people who might’ve lost a love one to drug addiction or substance abuse – or might be battling it themselves? Amy’s tragic death – whatever the cause might have been – has certainly been a very sobering wake up call for any addict or anyone who knows an addict. Y’know, addictions can be hard to battle – sometimes people triumph over it and sometimes people don’t. But what concerns me about some of the reactions I’ve seen thus far to Amy’s assumed drug overdose is the cold lack of compassion and the absence of some basic goddamn respect for the dead.

360‘s actions in bringing up his Amy Winehouse diss track was a complete and utter 180 turn off.



  1. Actually, your theory is flawwed, Matt posted his grievences about Amy on his Facebook page well before mention of this old track.

    This video was also not uploaded by him, he simply mentioned it on his page. If you had written a song that now seems prophetic and you were in the same position, I doubt you would have done any different.

    Also, were you to pull the song apart, he actually does provide a wake up call to addicts – majority of the song he is talking down to her about the extent of her drug addiction.

    • The point was about timing and poor taste, regardless of whether he personally uploaded the track on YouTube or not. He chose to bring up the song and draw attention to it on his Facebook page in what most people would consider to be a sensitive time. Period.

      I recognise that the song serves in some way as a wake up call to addicts (I’ve even quoted the cautionary lyrics he mentioned) but do you not see that the overall effect it has now that Amy has died? Especially that breakdown where he fakes her drug overdose. Think about that. Would you consider that to be of good taste? I’m sorry mate, but the cautionary message is lost in the current context – particularly because he’s bringing it back up purely to validate his “prophetic” vision.

      Just so you know, if I had written a song that had been prophetic in predicting someone else’s tragedy, downfall or death – I still would absolutely not post it and gloat that I “saw it coming”. Do you see delight in rejoicing over “calling out” someone’s tragic death? I don’t, but maybe that’s because I have a heart.

      • The intention of reposting it was not an attack on her, in my eyes, although everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion; personally, I focus more on the fact that he has previously acknowledged her achievements and notes that she should indeed stop.

        On another note, do you expect different from 360? He is always being acknowledged for dissing people on track to gain popularity. To imply that he is simply a terrible person without substance is plain wrong, he does prod on the barrier of truth V morals, and sometimes it can be viewed as distasteful, however he does battle the imposed ideologies of society in the context on drug use and abuse. Matt has, himself, gone through drug addiction (whilst it is not on the same level) and he is addressing an issue that really does need attention, I cannot name a teenager in the Sydney Scene I’m in that isn’t involved or exposed to drug abuse.

        Although I will agree that timing and sensitivity could have been a little better.

      • I only started tracking 360’s progress since ‘Just Got Started’ so I am not completely aware of his history of diss tracks. It was never a personal attack on him being a “terrible person” because I don’t know him personally. I back up what I say with my observations and my observations were simply that of his timing with posting that track and the tone in which it was presented.

        I completely agree with you that drug abuse is something that needs to be spoken about. I don’t believe that it should be taboo at all to discuss it. On top of that, everyone is different in how they go about it. I can appreciate that his way of spreading the message is through his rap and in his provocative style – if humour and diss tracks is what drives the message to his fans, then so be it. But like I said, you also have to be aware of context. I sound like an old fart when I pull out shit like “time and place” but this really was all it boils down to. Now was not the time to pull out a track like that and it was definitely not appropriate to serve it in a “I saw it coming” way.

  2. Personally I have only followed 360 in the past year and I have alot of respect for what he is doing, and if he progresses the way he is going, I believe he will go a lot further.

    That aside, you were correct in the timing but I think that was the last worry for him when posting up a link to that video, I believe he knows his real fans would have seen him paying respect to her or just would let it slide anyway due to the fact he’s a realist and doesn’t base his life choices on the beliefs of others, as seen in quite a few songs in his last few EP’s and interviews.

    Humour and diss tracks are a part of 360’s image, I think he is (in a way) trying to draw away from that, as seen at the end of his latest EP, but it will take time and effort – and perhaps less ill-timed comments… On the same note, if he had waited to post such a comment, the hype would be over, and for an up-and-coming rapper, timing is vital.

    I quite like your rants normally, only this one (I think) was a little less deserving solely because, rather attacking her image with no reasoning nor a care in the world, he did pay respect and realistically was addressing key issues to todays society as soon as it was presented.

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