Kelly Rowland starts recording international version of “Here I Am”

Put away your coin purses, ladies. Kelendria is not quite finished yet.

The flawless Kelly Rowland has confirmed that there will be a different international version of Here I Am coming out in November. She revealed to That Grape Juice that she is heading back into the studios with different producers to craft a new edition of her album for her European fans.

“There will be more bonus tracks on the international record, which is exactly what I wanted, because there’s some songs that didn’t go on to the US version of the album that will go on to the international version. There will, as said, also be newly recorded tracks included too,” she said.

Kelendria remains tight lipped over the tracks have been earmarked for the international edition, simply saying that she’s still making those decisions right now and won’t be naming any titles just in case it changes. Queens, it’s a no-brainer, right? You know that Kelly will have to at least include the dance-inflected singles to date like ‘Commander’, ‘Forever And A Day’ and her recent Alex Gaudino collabo ‘What A Feeling’.

You know what this feels like? It feels like the heavens have opened and a divine ray of light has shined on Kelly’s career. This is the muhfuggin’ rainbow after God flooded the earth. It’s a sign of rebirth, the promise of a whole new world of bigger, brighter opportunities for Kelendria. I know I dummy spat a little when I first heard the urban-inflected US version of Here I Am but after several spins, I am actually warming to it. I think the initial heavy disappointment was largely fuelled by my misunderstanding that Kelendria was severing her growing dance music roots. As y’all know, ever since ‘When Love Takes Over’ and ‘Commander’ I’ve called her out to be the Donna Summer of our generation, so I have high hopes for her.

Here I Am is shaping up to be a multi-faceted era and the approach with doing different US/European editions seem to be the trend these days [Editor’s note: see Nicole Scherzinger‘s Killer Love]. The girl has a few more tricks under her sleeves and I look forward to seeing how her team rolls out promotion for the album on both sides of the Atlantic. Kelly confirms that she has already secured a performance spot on the UK X Factor stage so when the international album drops in November during the finals, you know she’ll be making a killing.

‘Lay It On Me’ featuring Big Sean will be Kelly’s second Here I Am single in the US and there’s talk that ‘Down For Whatever’ featuring The WAV.s will be issued as her international single.


Kelly Rowland‘s US edition of Here I Am will hit stores in Australia this Friday. Will you be getting this or will you wait for the European version?



  1. Woohoo, so excited. I’m hoping by some small chance that Rose Colored Glasses will be included…

    • We’re all praying, Adrian. I’m pretty confident that it will be. ‘RCG’ would be fine tacked on as a bonus track. Having heard the final US version of “Here I Am”, I get why it didn’t make the cut. She really is going for a unified message of “GROWN AND SEXY” here. There’s barely any personal/break up ballads, except the amazing ‘Heaven & Earth’. The collection gives a unified message of sexy, feminine and in control.

  2. Uh-huh! Then why wasn’t ‘Grown Woman’ excluded? I think it would’ve been a great addition for the standard edition, and ‘RCG’ for the deluxe edition. Oh well…

    • I mean, as much as I like ‘Grown Woman’ and believe its sassiness has a place on this album – I think the production and sound would’ve stuck out like a sore thumb. Y’know, the strummy guitar riff dates it a little and every track on the album is synth-driven.

  3. Err, I totally was going to write “was”, not “wasn’t”… **blushing** :D

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