Kat Deluna ‘Drop It Low’ Music Video

Hold my drink, gurl. It’s about to get tribal up in this club.

Latin pop sensation Kat Deluna is finally bringing the heat to the screens with her new video ‘Drop It Low’ months after the track had struck us down with Kat fever. The single was well-received on the blogosphere when it first premiered and last time I checked, ‘Drop It Low’ is still one of the wildest and most carnal underground dance tracks I’ve heard all year. No power bottom can resist that beat.

The Dominican diva and her stans – affectionately dubbed Lunatics – are still going hard, trying to make this Stateside domination work with ‘Drop It Low’. There’s no question that Kat has a stronger following in certain regions like South America and parts of Europe – the latter really came on board after her fabulous Inside Out era – but America is where she wants to be building her bank right now.


It’s safe to say that there is still some buzz left in the single, especially now with that the video has arrived. Hat tip to her team for the strategic premiere on Nick Cannon‘s website. As for the video itself? You really gotta pan the camera over to Mrs Cannon when I say, this production gives us “moments”. There is no specific look or theme threading through other than the obvious ones about dancing and flaunting Kat’s heart-arresting curves.

We’re treated to a dance off between two tribes – Lunatics vs Uptown Boyz – juxtaposed with different scenes of Kat in various modes of ferocity. There’s a taste of swimsuit model realness, some classic-looking black and white shots of Kat and her male dancers, and an abundance of booty jiggling in tights and jeans shorts. Is it the monsoonal where you are right now? Because this bitch is about to make it rain.


Kat DeLuna‘s ‘Drop It Low’ is out here in Australia via iTunes. Expect for her new album ViVa to be unveiled soon.


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