Cher Lloyd ‘Swagger Jagger’ (Live at T4)

This is hurting my eyes, y’all. Somebody get her some proper lighting that isn’t all neon-like because it’s not very visual friendly for anyone watching above the age of 14.

Cher Lloyd – the sole bearer of all my hopes, affection and excitement from last year’s X Factor series – is finally dropping her debut single ‘Swagger Jagger’. The overwhelming hateration that has washed over the video and single is becoming less newsworthy by the day because Lord knows come next Monday, the bitch will be reigning in the Top 5 of the UK charts and every disliker will be gagging very hard on her success.

I’m not saying success is what Cher needs to shut her haters up. I just feel like success is what Cher needs to hopefully get her confidence up to a point where she can care less about what her detractors have got to tweet, comment or blog.


Here in her inaugural TV performance of ‘Swagger Jagger’, the 18-year old femmecee brought as much fire and brimstone as possible without the hype of a proper crowd. I think her styling and mannerism here is actually cuter than her debut at T4 On The Beach. I mean, did you clock her at the very end when she went, “I got it in check!“? It was as if a fluffy brown kitten had emerged on stage to close the track.

I’ve always feared a little for performers coming off big budget talent shows like X Factor or Idol. There’s always a slight cringe with the first few performances because the audience is forced to re-calibrate their expectations after seeing you week in and out on a massive stage filled with pyro and a mega dance troupe. Even in Cher’s case where she’s sitting on some Simon Cowell coins – nothing she could attempt now can possibly match the magnitude of her weekly show stoppers on X Factor.

It’s now all up to Cher and her team to make her click and connect with the record buying public. Fingers crossed.


Cher Lloyd released ‘Swagger Jagger’ in the UK yesterday and it has since shot up to #1 on iTunes there. Her forthcoming debut album is slated for release in November and you can preview snippets of several album tracks here.


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