Charice ‘One Day’ Music Video

You know I love me some Charice and finally, there’s physical evidence that her spirit and presence can actually upgrade your life situation.

She is like the cool Asian my school never had. It’s hard to believe, I know, but I really wasn’t on top of my game during my teenage years. Growing up, I was always so aware of the segregation between the international students, which were mostly Asian in our case, and the rest of the student community. It definitely seem like not just an assimilation issue for them but also that natural, slight hesitation with friendship cliques to include people that were either new or different to you.

Times are changing now because ever since Charice popped on Glee to show us her magical powers, everybody now wants to check out the new kid’s hidden talents. Speaking of talents and the school crowd, they’re really driving the message home and cementing Charice‘s feel good teen pop image with this video.


‘One Day’ is an inspirational modern day pop ballad – the kind that comes complete with continent shifting beats courtesy of Nick Jonas. The video’s “dream big, work hard, celebrate Asians” message could not be any clearer.

Check out three key moments in ‘One Day’:

1) Touched by an angel Charice.

I need some of this in my life, y’all. Let Charice gaze into your life situation and watch your talent get recognised. If you drop a bitch during a strenuous choreography, pick yourself up and keep going – Charice is watching over you. She’ll send someone trimmer over your way. New girl at school who wants nothing more than to find a seat in the cafeteria so she can do some quiet study revision over lunch? Forget that. Charice got yo’ back. Bam! You’re now friends with them cheerleaders and jocks. Cop that.

2) Moving Charice.

It’s so awesome to see her having a moment with choreography. The last music video I saw her in was her breakthrough single ‘Pyramid’ and there was a lot of glorious wind machine and camera panning action on stage. This, I can get used to. Do they teach you how to move on Glee?

3) One Day has spent many months in waiting, y’all.

Here I am, all excited about the new Charice video when it suddenly clicked in my consciousness that the girl had released ‘One Day’ like over three months ago. Yes, she’s really McServicing the digital singles lately. Last time we checked the list, she dropped the brilliant ‘Louder’ as a double A-side single with ‘Lost The Best Thing’ in May. Fingers crossed we don’t have to wait til’ Christmas to see a video for that.


Charice‘s ‘One Day’ was done in conjunction with contact lens giant Acuvue’s ‘1 Day’ campaign.


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