Shannon Noll ‘Switch Me On’ Music Video

You’ll have to excuse me because I haven’t seen a Shannon Noll video since ‘Drive’ and ‘What About Me?’. In fact, all my pop music loving queens – just excuse this post. I know Nolly is not the kind of artist I usually post about but I just need to speak on it, gurl.

I’ve always had an affinity with anyone from the first and second season of Australian Idol. You don’t understand how much of an event that show was when I was at school. It gathered the family around the living room and sparked intense debates during commercial breaks – to sum it up, the holy trinity of Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll and Cosima DeVito was everything to the Lim household.


Almost eight years on since the curtains closed on Shannon’s Idol finale and the rugged rocker has amassed over 1.3 million record sales from his three ARIA Top 3 selling studio albums and numerous singles – mind you, the first ten all went Top 10 here. The international breakthrough hasn’t quite happened yet, bar his winning single ‘What About Me?’ finding surprise success over in Ireland, but then again – Nolly’s whole vibe and image is so distinctly Australian, I can’t see them breaking it down for other territories.

‘Switch Me On’ is the first single from his forthcoming fourth studio album and honestly, it’s making me question some things about brand Nolly. The Benji Madden-penned track sounds, well, first of all very Benji Madden and secondly, strangely dated. Are they trying to throw us a curve ball here with this youthful and more Americanised adaptation of Nolly’s Aussie rock style?

As for the video, which was nicely shot in Tokyo, I can see him owning it in parts but I’m mostly in shock of the interesting swag walk.

Check out three moments of His Nolliness in ‘Switch Me On’:

1) Hold it right there.

Who would’ve thought that Shannon Noll was a work-it man, y’all.

Also, can I just say, thank god for no switches. No, really, sometimes you have to be grateful for the little things like good peanut butter, automatic sliding doors and a video concept that doesn’t abuse the obvious. If I had seen one scene with light bulbs flickering on and off, or some blatant reference to luminescence, it would’ve been all over. In a subtle sense, if you wanna apply a “switch on” reading of this video – you can always appreciate on the pretty neon signs that cover the Tokyo streets around him.

2) Responsible rider Nolly.

Do people even indicate in Tokyo? Shannon, you’re such a good role model. He’s totally the package isn’t he, ladies? Got that country boy swag in his walk, ripped singlet and fresh looking bike.

3) Triumphant.

If there’s one great thing ‘Switch Me On’ has managed to do is restore my appreciation for Shannon’s powerhouse vocals [see 3:13 mark].


Shannon Noll‘s ‘Switch Me On’ is now out on iTunes and it’s the most added new song to Australian radios this week.



  1. Hi, I have to say I love the Video and the song and it isn’t outdated as you put it. Also, Shannon wrote the Chorus and most of the song and Benji helped him. Benji didn’t pen the song he co wrote it with Shannon xx

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