Sophie Ellis-Bextor ‘Off & On’ (Live on Tonight’s The Night)

Every time a Sophie Ellis-Bextor single is issued, angels gather around in heaven to let out a sweet, euphoric hallelujah chorus. Now how much more of a celebration would it be for a single that was recorded so long ago, it now sounds questionably dated?

My favourite British pop deity is soldiering on with her second independently released single ‘Off & On’ – a track produced by Calvin Harris that was initially recorded then discarded by Roisin Murphy circa Overpowered. This piece of trivia serves me well every time I test a stranger who claims to be an SEB fan. Make sure you keep this knowledge at a convenient location in your cerebral cortex. That, and the chart peak positions of ‘Today The Sun’s On Us’.

Behold, one of the first televised performances Sophie has done for ‘Off & On’ on what seems to be a well-funded and adequately staged talk show: Tonight’s The Night. Take her look:


First thing’s first, it’s so wonderful to see Sophie returning her locks to a dark brown shade. That faded ashy cocoa situation she was in a few months ago really wasn’t flattering her porcelain complexion. Second point, isn’t really a point so much as a call for kudos. Anyone ever noticed how challenging it is to sing the ‘Off & On’ hook? There’s a lot of belting and sustaining, resulting in a lot of pained facial expressions that make you look like a mourning cat. And finally, she’s promoting ‘Off & On’, y’all! Like, finally.


Sophie will no doubt be announcing the single release date for ‘Off & On’ soon enough. Hopefully with it comes glad tithings of amazing A-grade remixes and a b-side, which mind you has been sorely lacking in this era of Sophie’s discography.

In her recent official website Q&A, Sophie revealed that she’s “looking at some dates in September and October” for South America and Australia. Bitch, I will die if you come to Australia. I will fly out to wherever you are and be that queen crying and shaking at the edge of the stage.



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