Leak Report: Nadine Coyle vs Kylie Minogue ‘Sweetest High/ Put Your Hands Up’

I don’t normally post about mash ups but this is just too good to pass up. It’s the kind of pop perfection you’d break a mash up fast for so roll up your sleeves and fasten your bibs.

So we all know Girls Aloud‘s prime warbler Nadine Coyle is on a mission to take over America right now and she has decided to bowl ’em over one gay night club at a time. The Derry queen decided that her ammunition should come in the form of a hi-camp 90s dance number – ‘Sweetest High’ – and while the dated production has divided fans, I can tell that the gays are living for it.

The club gigs generally render themselves to crafty mash ups and medleys but unlike Beyonce and her Destiny’s Child flashback set, Nuhdeen hasn’t the luxury of hitting up a Girls Aloud megamix to a receptive and knowing audience in America. What works is having a few slick and current mash ups tucked away under your garter belt.

Ms Coyle’s management has just uploaded two mash ups of ‘Sweetest High’ that are primed to set the clubs on fire.

Check out ‘Sweetest High’ vs Kylie‘s ‘Put Your Hands Up’ – this one is a revelation:


And here is ‘Sweetest High’ vs Rihanna‘s ‘S&M’. It is exactly like you imagined it to be:



Are we gagging for more Nuhdeen club gigs, y’all? Somebody please order another round of that ferocity she was serving up at Splash.


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