Nicole Scherzinger ‘Wet’ Music Video

To quote my spiritual leader Rupaul – dear Nicole, “if you want it wet, then you better make it rain!”

Nicole Scherzinger is currently riding a high with her solo career after the international success of ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ and ‘Right There’, which saw her charting in America for the first time since she abandoned her litter of Dolls. The woman has always capitalised on her femme fatale video vixen image and that’s not about to change now that change is coming her way, if you know what I mean.


While we can always count on Nicole to bring the heat on screen, I felt like with ‘Wet’ the bar had to be raised visually because we’ve already seen her soaked near-nekkid ass writhing around a million times before. There had to be some kind of concept or scene set that puts her in a new light – and thankfully, they came through with something fierce.

Check out three nods I have to give ‘Wet’:

1) Spoiler alert: there are aquatic elements in the video.

An unexpected twist given that the song is called ‘Wet’. While I am typically opposed to the obvious themes, the bitch actually turned it out scene after scene in this video in both wet and dry conditions – therefore, I can’t protest. It’s feminine, it’s sensual and it’s serving all the elements you’d expect in a Nicole Scherzinger video – including the presence of female back up dancers [Editor’s note: Limmy has a theory about this – read].

2) Recalling ‘All Nite’.

The concept of breaking into a dark gritty abandoned space, hooking up the power just to have a dance is very much reminiscent of Janet Jackson‘s brilliant ‘All Nite (Don’t Stop)’ video – don’t you think? I mean, check on the torch lights flashing about and the fragmented camera effects – they all fit the bill. The only major difference is obviously in Nicole’s case, they’ve invaded an aquatic centre, filled up the pool and managed to drain it all before the cops come in. It’s a lot more work than what Janet and her gang had to go through.

3) That dance breakdown.

There she goes again, thrusting her puakenikeni all over the place. Oh Nicole, what are we gonna do with you?


‘Wet’ is Nicole Scherzinger‘s fourth European single from the Killer Love album. The album was initially meant to drop in Australia this month but has now been pushed back to the first week of September. I’m running out of ideas as to why this is happening. It’s not the first time her local label has delayed the release but now with two ARIA Top 20 singles under her belt, I’d say she’s ready.



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