Leak Report: Jessie J ‘Domino’

OK, y’all. Time to hook up the hose to the nearest fire hydrant and hose these haters down.

Why is everyone tripping all the sudden over this new Jessie J and Dr Luke collabo sounding like some Katy Perry leftover? I admit that was a rather long question to ponder on – but still, let’s marinade with it a little.

Dr Luke sparked all sorts of colourful discussions on the blogosphere and forums when he posted a snippet of La Cornish’s forthcoming single ‘Domino’ on his Soundcloud page. The track is admittedly summery and very radio-ready in the way that most of the Teenage Dream singles are but surely that can’t be a bad thing, right?

Take a listen to a snippet of ‘Domino’ here:

And why not have another shot here:

The British pop sensation had previously teamed up with Dr Luke for her major hits like ‘Price Tag’ and if you’ve heard her album Who You Are, you would’ve already known that the Katy Perry similarities were long foreshadowed on a song titled ‘Abracadabra’.


Jessie J will join Katy Perry on her North American California Dreams tour in November. Stay tuned for some official confirmation on what they’re gonna do with ‘Domino’.


  1. Come on!! Dr Luke has done this before remember Katy Perry’s California Girls had the same beat to Kesha’s Tik Tok. come on how hard is it to make another beat?

  2. seriously, she wrote it WITH Katy Perry, they’re both epic artist, why can’t you stop bitching and enjoy the music?

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