The Potbelleez ‘Midnight Midnight’ Music Video

I don’t want The Potbelleez to feel like I’m ignoring their good efforts in the music video department so here’s how we’re gonna appreciate on it a little.

You can start by calibrating the brightness and contrast levels on your monitor while I screen cap a few visually appealing moments in their latest video: ‘Midnight Midnight’.

The Australian dance/pop gang has served a few potent hits in recent history including the ubiquitous ‘Don’t Hold Back’ and ‘Hello’ but what have they done for us visually? A quick flick through their YouTube channel and this is what you’ll find: lead singer Ilan giving nu-di-ty, some lovely animation rendered with streaks of fluorescent colours, and a muppet copping cleavage. In short, these guys are known for being messy fantastic on screen.


The Potbelleez shot ‘Midnight Midnight’ in Tokyo – interestingly enough, done by the same team behind Shannon Noll‘s newest video ‘Switch Me On’ which was also filmed in the same city. The Sydney-based video production company, Silo, has also done videos for Havana Brown (‘We Run The Night’) and Marvin Priest (‘Own This Club’).

Here are three things you need to know about ‘Midnight Midnight’:

1) Presenting Blue MC, PhD in Video Vixenry.

This really is her moment, isn’t it? The sole female and rapper of the band is owning every look in this video from the ferocious dominatrix guise through to the gold midriff-baring ensemble that recalls the best of early 00s popstar costumery.

2) Making somebody sing a Potbelleez track is a form of torture.

Don’t look at me! Just ask him.

3) Ilan’s Tigger jacket is kinda fantastic.

Anyone know where I can get one of those? I’ll grab one of every animal in the safari, thanks.


‘Midnight Midnight’ is the fourth single lifted from The Potbelleez‘s new album Destination Now.



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