Washington ‘Holy Moses’ Music Video

When was the last time you sat down to review a video and fell so madly in love with it, you wanna do nothing more than just re-watch?

This happened to me over the weekend when I came across Washington‘s bewitching new video: ‘Holy Moses’. Normally if it’s a mess that requires immediate mopping up, I’ll attend to it right away [Editor’s note: *coughs*] but for a video that has invested so much effort and razzle dazzle? Child, I don’t like to be rushed.

Celebrated Australian singer/songwriter Megan Washington has given us a glimpse of music video excellence before when she did ‘Sunday Best’ but ‘Holy Moses’ just takes it to a new level with its 21st century reimagination of Bob Fosse and stunning kinetic energy. The woman is also showing off a fiercer side – ditching them signature granny glasses and opting for smokey glitter-dusted eyes instead.


The talents behind this project are no strangers to Megan’s world – directors Stephen Lance and Mairi Cameron have both not only directed ‘Sunday Best’ and ‘Rich Kids’ for her but also Kate Miller-Heidke‘s wonderful ‘Caught In The Crowd’ video.

Here’s what’s good about Washington’s ‘Holy Moses’ video:

1) Still the it girl.

Look who just ascended to a new stratosphere of popstar excellence. We’re now serving video vixenry, donning intricate costumes and pushing creative boundaries both visually and sonically. Megan Washington shows us why she is, once again, leader of the pack in the Australian pop music scene. As far as I’m concerned, the three local ladies to watch for now are Megan, Kimbra and Bertie Blackman. I use the term “local” loosely as Kimbra is, in fact, Kiwi but merely resides in Melbourne. These women all bring their own distinct look and indie pop flavour to the table and if this what the new generation of female pop talent is like in the country, we’re headed for a very promising future.

2) Get up and use your voodoo.

I am blown away by the marriage of supernatural and slightly paganistic themes with a song titled ‘Holy Moses’. The smoke-emitting palms and Holy Ghost-filled fits complete the experience. Halleloo.

3) It’s a kinetic experience.

Jason Coleman, choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance, managed to bring out something primal and bewitching in Megan’s movements here. Couple that with the efforts of the dance troupe, percussion and hand claps and you’ve got a deliciously kinetic experience.


Washington‘s ‘Holy Moses’ is now out on iTunes and for this week only, you’ll get a free download of the video with the single purchase. Grab it here.



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