Brock Zanrosso launches debut EP: “Prelude”

Hey everybody, y’all remember Brock, right? The fun-loving Canadian teen pop sensation I interviewed a few months back? Well, he’s now back with his debut EP Prelude and he’s poised for an American take over.

The last time I checked on Brock, he was busy snatching Glambert‘s wig with the spectacular ‘Perfect Storm’. I still stan for that song but to be honest, I wasn’t sure if he was fully committed to rocking that fierce image and sound. The last thing I want to see is Brock playing it safe and vanilla with a series of Bieber type mid-tempos and thankfully, he doesn’t disappoint with Prelude.

Check on the tracklisting:

1- Edge (End of The World)
2 – Perfect Storm
3 – The Only One
4 – Suffocate
5 – Edge (Hipjoint Remix)

The five-track introductory EP features ‘Perfect Storm’ and Brock’s previous single ‘Edge (End of The World)’, which was released over a year ago, and it is here in the context of the EP that you witness growth and emancipation. You start the listening session with the original decaf ‘Edge’ and you end up leaving the club with its strob-lit remix. It comes full circle.

The exciting new track ‘Suffocate’ serves as an appropriate follow up to ‘Perfect Storm’ – with any luck, it might actually be drafted as his next single. I mean, the track was featured in this week’s episode of Degrassi. Let’s make it happen! I can already picture myself losing control on the floor to this. Y’all need to cue this back to back with Nicole Scherzinger‘s ‘Wet’ for maximum impact. The EP’s mandatory ballad – ‘The Only One’ – actually holds its own, despite being wedged between the two pop stompers. Anyone else detect the strings to be strangely reminiscent of Jessie J‘s ‘Nobody’s Perfect’?

Prelude serves as a promising appetiser for what’s already primed to be a very colourful and international-sounding future record. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long to hear more new tunes!


Brock‘s Prelude EP is now out on iTunes everywhere. Go grab it here.


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