Elen Levon: your new fave Aussie pop princess

Can we be real for a second and just say that our Australian pop scene is a little neglected? I see Aussie hip hop thriving, I see indie bands breaking out, and over in that corner, dance is exploding big time like it is everywhere else in the world. But where are our pop divas?

Introducing: Elen Levon – the feisty 17-year old pop singer labelled as our nation’s next it girl. Preparations are underway for a big debut soon with her ferocious first single ‘Naughty’ – produced by hit maker Israel Cruz (who has turned out stunners for Jessica Mauboy, Scarlett Belle and Ricki-Lee).

Young Elen may not have left the starting line just yet but she has already wowed crowds at this year’s Supafest where she premiered ‘Naughty’ live at the festival that hosted superstar headliners like Snoop Dogg, Taio Cruz and Nelly. The girl is groomed to be what y’all would call a triple threat: a capable singer, dancer and as it turns out, actress-slash-model too.

She has taken singing and dance lessons from a young age, and the culmination of all her hard work saw her recently signed to Ministry of Sound and Israel‘s imprint NuFirm Records, where the producer was quick to point out that Elen is the one he’s been waiting for.

“Australia’s always had pop artists, but not one that’ll cross over in US – she fills that void. A lot of female artists don’t really dance, but Elen is amazing at both… and she’s just 16 [at the time], which is incredible,” he said.

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite with all this hyping, here’s your first sneak peak at Elen Levon‘s forthcoming ‘Naughty’ music video:


Yes, gurl. Let these children have it. Are you feeling it?


Elen Levon will premiere the video for ‘Naughty’ and release the single soon. Stay tuned!



  1. I don’t think her music is going to cross the US.
    too much auto-tuning and the song reminds me
    of Havanna Brown’s Run the night. Is it just me?

    • I’ll reserve judgement on the song until I hear it in full :p But she is looking fierce, I love that she’s stepping off looking like a popstar already.

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