Little Stevies tours Canada and drops new video: ‘Accidentally’

Homegrown strummy la la band Little Stevies are currently touring Canada and you’ll be pleased to know that their new single ‘Accidentally’ is getting added to stations across the North American continent.

‘Accidentally’ speaks to me in a way that a hot cup of chamomile tea on a Sunday arvo does. It’s just life-giving good country/pop that works as a sensible break from all the booty poppin’ music I hit up every other time of the day. The trio is currently making the best of the summer music festival circuit over on that side of the globe, sharing music from their current album Attention Shoppers.

Little Stevies has never let a barely-there budget hold them back from doing good videos so it’ll come as no surprise to their followers that ‘Accidentally’ is also quite a good effort. Check out these three pixie-sized Stevies mucking around in your bathroom, goldfish tank and bedroom:


Real life LOL at the Mariah Carey fragrance on the shelf! Who, I say, who is responsible for that?


Little SteviesAttention Shoppers album is now out on iTunes. It also comes with an audio commentary! Yes, boo. Just like the ones you find on movie DVDs. These guys are probably the first band I know to actually commentate on the tracks as the music is playing. Genius, funny and just once again – genius.


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