The Saturdays ‘All Fired Up’ Music Video

All grown up and looking their most stylish, The Saturdays might have just dropped their most elegant music video yet.

The British quintet is finally hitting their stride with two consecutive A+ efforts in this new era of their discography. The strutworthy ‘Notorious’ may have delivered classic Saturdays fluorescent pop/R&B but with ‘All Fired Up’, the girls are switching gears and taking their chart competitors head on in the dance music lane.


I have to admit, ‘All Fired Up’ didn’t impress me much in the first few listens but after seeing these bitches turn out a grown and classy Top Model-esque video, I’m signed up and well on board.

Here’s three reasons why ‘All Fired Up’ just works:

1) All black and all white: this is a nice change.

The Saturdays are known for their colour blocking ensembles. Check on all their videos and single artworks – it’s always been a big part of their image/brand. However, here in the ‘All Fired Up’ video – they’ve embraced a bit of uniformity dressed in all black and all white, flaunting a more mature and sophisticated look. Is this video The Saturdays‘ turning point of ‘Sexy… No No No!’ proportions? [Editor’s note: let’s not get too ahead of ourselves now.]

2) The clapping sequence.

Almost 24-hours on since I first saw the video and this mental snap shot of The Saturdays clapping to the beat is still fused to my mind. Sure! Give me ethereal movements in slow motion, give me wind machine action and hair flicking in the water any time of the day but this? This simple sequence in that moment in time is just fantastic.

3) Frankie Sanford is owning it.

I see Molly flicking her hair and Una typically serving sex to the camera, but tonight Frankie‘s walking away with the prize for best solo moment. Both in song and visually, perched up in the corner with that gold couture creation.


The Saturdays will release ‘All Fired Up’ on 4 September. The digital single EP will come correct with a brand new b-side ‘Ladykiller’ and the girls’ cover of Aloe Blacc‘s ‘I Need A Dollar’.



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