Jessica Mauboy previews new “Get ‘Em Girls” tracks

I am listening to Jessica Mauboy convincing me why I should skip a few meals to afford the re-release of Get ‘Em Girls.

If a song is really that good, it should just speak for itself. You don’t really need to see footage of the artist gushing and stumbling over her words to describe its excellence. Nevertheless, it’s always a joy to watch the adorable J Mally speak so I’m not gonna hold it against her if she wants to do more vlogs and/or track-by-track commentary.

The titan new edition of Jessica’s Get ‘Em Girls album boasts seven new songs thrown in with a couple of remixes to make up a massive 25-track two-disc compilation and to celebrate its release, our girl has put up a few videos of her giving us the scoop on her favourite new tracks.

Here’s J Mally gushing over the new single ‘Inescapable’, revealing that out of all the songwriting seshs she’s done with Diane Warren, none of them made the cut except this one which Warren just penned on her own. Hmph!:


Take a listen to the utterly ferosh ‘Not Me’, which would slot in quite comfortably with the urban pop numbers on the original tracklisting. I am hair flicking all the way to the store with this one:


Check out the stunning new ballad ‘Run’:


I’mma fill you in on the rest of the tea, seeing as she didn’t vlog about the other new recordings on the album. There’s ‘Nobody Knows’ – another fluorescent pop number similar to ‘Inescapable’, except this one’s rocking some serious 90s rave o’clock beats. It’s like an Aqua remix inspiration. ‘Make It Alright’ is a big inspirational ballad about finding “the one who made it alright”. It is just like you’d imagine it to be – big vocals accompanied by airy synths and crisp beats. ‘Galaxy’ with Stan Walker is a massive radio-ready mid-tempo, wrapped up in marching beats and a massive build up of synths around the chorus. The new remix of ‘Get ‘Em Girls’ (featuring Chiggy) remains faithful to the original crunk style, albeit upgraded with richer production, while the new DCup remix of ‘Saturday Night’ gives the track more bounce.

It’s through this package that we really see Jessica Mauboy successfully manoeuvring through a cohesive dance/urban mix. Maybe this is just the kind of middle ground fusion that could work for similar-minded artists like Kelly Rowland? Having said that, this collection really is perfect for anyone who didn’t grab the album the first time but for folks like me who already have the original album and purchased all the singles, there’s very little value in it apart from cherry picking the individual new recordings.


Jessica Mauboy‘s new beefed up Get ‘Em Girls is out today. Grab it on iTunes.



  1. Did anyone pre-order this from Sanity signed ?? i did and got the cd today to find a signed old Get em girls cd booklet and not the new one ??? what the Sanity.. the auto looks very shaky too… have email Sanity and are waiting for their response….

    • WOAH. Pause the line there. What happened Scott? Are you saying it’s the two-disc deluxe but you only got the old version’s booklet with it? That’s messed up.

  2. Yes thats what i am saying… after emailing Sanity about this i got this response..

    Unfortunately the new signed slicks were not delivered in time to ship with the deluxe edition; we have only received them today. We sent out the earlier signed slicks as well so that our customers could have something extra for the delay.

    I have packaged up you signed slick today and sent it out in the mail. You should receive it some time next week.

    would have been nice to get a note explaining why as when i opened the parcel all i could think was what the ???

    • That’s no good! I agree, a note explaining the situation would’ve been better.

  3. Just heard Jessica and Stan are doing a few gigs.. Feb 10th and 11th at Palms – Crown.

    • Good tip! Strange, I remember hearing about it last week and finding that there hasn’t been a lot of fanfaring of said show.

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