Jessie J ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ Music Video

Does this bitch look like the laughing kind? No. ‘Course not. Jessie J is obviously a cackler.

First up, we need to address the single choice. Why, out of all the hyper-marketable material she has to choose from, did La Cornish decide to go with the wicked ‘Who’s Laughing Now’? I would’ve loved to have seen the title track ‘Who You Are’ or even the summery ‘Abracadabra’ launched in its place but ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ definitely holds merit, if anything for its feisty tone and convenient tie-in with dutiful anti-bullying messages.

“Music is about making a change but also being able to laugh at yourself. I think this song tells a story a lot of people have been through and I hope it will raise awareness to the serious issue of bullying,” she said.


The video sees the British pop warbler diving head first into another over-zealous dress up affair – complete with an array of wigs and some drastically different looks like she had done in her last two videos (‘Price Tag’ and ‘Nobody’s Perfect’). Unsurprisingly so, ‘Who’s Cackling Now’ was directed by Emil Nava, the man behind the aforementioned clips. But the beauty with this one is seeing how they’ve made a whole production work without you really noticing that Jessie’s still nursing an injured foot.

At no point do you see Jessie standing up – in all four scenes she’s featured in, she’s either sitting down or leaning on something. This may be her video and song but in this story, Jessie J plays the supporting actress cameoing as different characters around the school. The star is her adorable mini-me who stands up to her bullies after terrorising half the school with some rather unlady-like behaviour. *Looks over to the exit* Um… security?

Check on three more reasons to love Jessie J‘s new video:

1) Jessie J as Chav Fergie.

Whatever. You best believe that this is the look.

2) Jessie J as the Queer-friendly Janitor.

I have come to very quick conclusions based purely on a rainbow badge she’s got on. Reading the rest of the look is up to your discretion.

3) Hose these muhfuggers down.

OK, so much for an anti-bullying message y’guys! Here we see the victim react by going on a rampage damaging school property, wrecking a solar system diorama and hosing down her bullies with a fire extinguisher. Perhaps not the best message to be sending out to kids but then again, there’s nothing funny or remotely entertaining about a girl getting picked on and running to tell her school counsellor now is there?

Side bar: I don’t know about y’all but watching this really made me wish I had snapped and fought back when I was bullied at school. The times I just wanted to turn around in class and smack one of those jocks in the cocksucker. *shakes head* Look at my vindication now! Yeah, fellas. Who’s laughing now? Feed Limmy.


Jessie J will release her fourth single ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ in the UK on 21 August. As of June, her album Who You Are has sold over 700,000 copies worldwide after only four months out on the shelves.


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