Nicola Roberts ‘Lucky Day’ Music Video

You can tell that she’s embarrassed to be filming this live on the street, can’t you? It didn’t help that they weren’t allowed to play music out loud during the shoot so Nicola had to lip sync to the song coming out of her earpiece. Bitch would’ve looked like a proper mad woman to outsiders.

Chairman Nicola Roberts may be only two singles deep in her solo discography but she’s already miles ahead of her Girls Aloud peers in terms of originality and packing a proper pop punch. I don’t know who’s leg she pissed on to deserve such bad luck with ‘Beat of My Drum’ missing Top 20 but let’s hope ‘Lucky Day’ lives up to its charmed title and gives Ginge a proper hit this time.


The ‘Lucky Day’ shoot took place on a stinking hot day in New York City and frankly, it turned out looking like a breezy spring afternoon on film, which is great for us but not very validating for Nicola. There really is no grand plot other than just Nicola walking down the street, twirling and producing retro graphic renderings from her body.

On that note, some cruel folk tried to ruin the magic and mystery of filmmaking by leaking an unfinished edit of ‘Lucky Day’ last month – complete with instructions for video graphics and everything. If you watched it, shame on you for peeking before she was ready. If not, consider all elements of surprise well contained and quite underwhelmingly served here.

Let’s take a look at three highlights of the ‘Lucky Day’ video:

1) Nicola and her technicolour sperm.

I am trying to think of an appropriate wall in my house to recreate this. I’m sure the landlord won’t mind.

2) Call me Legs.

Are we impressed with the breathtakingly short summer dress and a flash of knickers, fellas? To me this fabric has done extremely well to be adorning the body of a popstar and not live out Mama Lim’s vision for new curtains. There’s something very comfortable and breezy about Nicola’s appearance here. It’s not trying too hard to be cutting edge or hipster, it’s just an appropriately joyful representation of the song.

3) Retro renderings and wishful illusions of grandeur.

Alright I admit that I peeked at the unfinished footage that leaked last month. I’m sorry, OK? I was just excited and I wanted to know what’s going on. In hindsight that probably wasn’t the best thing to do because seeing the vague “insert graphic” notes kinda had me building up a wild imagination of all sorts of renderings they could’ve used in the video.

I actually thought this was gonna turn out to be something like Mini Viva‘s splendid ‘I Wish’ video. Instead, what transpired from ‘Lucky Day’ was a lot more monotonous and low-rent than expected. For a song with such an explosive chorus, I thought they might’ve blown up a bigger budget to accommodate a musical-esque plot with Glee-type characters and dancers jumping about the street. I wanted Nicola to be walking nonchalantly through an exciting set not just a bare neighbourhood street in New York, tapping on mail boxes as she saunters past.


Nicola Roberts will release ‘Lucky Day’ in the UK on 18 September. I’ve already pre-ordered my signed copy of her album Cinderella’s Eyes, so there’s something grand to look forward to.



  1. Again I agree with you completely.
    Interesting to know the facts about recording and that they couldn’t play the music out loud.
    Anyway, I’m absolutely in love with this single. The video is simple but pretty, it puts a banana smile on my face. Probably the best pop single I’ve heard in months.

    • I love how you’ve described it as putting a “banana smile” on your face! HAHA cute.


    Personally, I ADORE this clip. It came out when I was actually in NYC last year and it’s just perfect – so charming and breezy, and that hair flip she does towards the end is just the most vunerable thing ever. Plus, ANIMATED SPERM. Obvs.

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