Alexandra Stan Interview

Whether you’ve been out handling your business in the clubs or up in the gym working on your fitness, you would’ve no doubt heard Alexandra Stan‘s ‘Mr Saxobeat’ blasting through the speakers.

The Romanian dance diva has become an overnight success with the breakthrough hit sending her to the top of the charts in Romania, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Slovakia and Switzerland. ‘Mr Saxobeat’ has also gone Top 10 in 16 countries, including the UK, and managed to top the US Billboard Dance/Club play charts.

The single first broke out in her home country last November at the crack of winter but the instant summer club jam soon spread like fire across European dance floors and is now turning it out around South America and the Australasia region. Here in Australia, ‘Mr Saxobeat’ is only starting to work its magic, rising to a new peak of #30 on our ARIA singles chart this week.

I caught up with Alexandra for her first ever Australian radio interview (via JOY 94.9) to see how she’s coping with all the success and suss out what else she’s got in store for us. Alexandra gives us a heads up on her forthcoming debut album Saxobeat, explains why she wants to do an album with both James Blunt and David Guetta, and reveals that she’s never been gay clubbing before! Gurl, please. You can’t ascend to Queen of Clubs status without this initiation by glitter. We all know that.

Check out my chat with the sweet Alexandra Stan after the jump.


First of all, congratulations on the worldwide success of ‘Mr Saxobeat’. How does it feel to hear your song break out all over Europe, the US and even as far as South America?

I don’t know, everyone keeps asking me this question! It’s very nice! It makes me happy a lot but you know, sometimes I just don’t realise.

‘Mr Saxobeat’ has gone Top 10 in 16 different countries – have you had a chance to perform in those places?

Yes, I had the chance to perform in almost all those countries in Europe. I started with France [then did] the UK, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Austria, Italy and Spain. [Editor’s note: the list goes on, really]

So you’re based in Romania, is that where you’re calling from right now?

Yes, I am in my county Costanta, which is near the Black Sea, and right now I am preparing to go to the beach! It is very hot here.

Your music feels very summery. Was it your vision to create a summer dance album?

Um, I don’t know. The song [‘Mr Saxobeat’] wasn’t for the summer, we released it in November. Of course, it’s a good song for the summer but it’s also good for the winter – why not? The music is for the clubs. It’s for the parties and for people who want to dance and feel good! This summer has been crazy because I’ve had the chance to go to countries like Russia, Turkey and Cyprus… I’ve had a very hard tour this summer. These are terrific times!

Talk to me about the ‘Mr Saxobeat’ video shoot – how was it for you?

The video was very fun and very serious at the same time, you know? It was fun because I had to play a bad character who is getting arrested but at the same time, I had to play with real actors and real police officers which was interesting because I had the chance to work with professional actors.

The video shows you getting arrested so I had to wonder – have you ever been arrested in real life?

No! Hopefully not! (laughs) I don’t have a driver’s license so I don’t drive, and here in Romania there’s not a lot of things you can do to be arrested. I mean, what could I do to be arrested? I don’t want to do bad things!


It seems like you’re doing a lot of touring now and there’s a lot of excitement over ‘Mr Saxobeat’ but as that continues to break around the world, you’re actually gonna release another European single now?

Yes, ‘Get Back (ASAP)’ [see above] is the next single and in some countries it’s already been released – like France and Romania, of course. I don’t know if it’s gonna be the next single for all countries because the people in each country are different and they want to hear different songs. Maybe I’ll ask my fans on Facebook what they want to hear as the next single and we’ll decide together.

Now tell me about the forthcoming album Saxobeat – what’s it gonna sound like?

Well the name is Saxobeat so it will bring beats with saxophones, of course, but there’ll also be different music like pop/rock and R&B. I really hope the album will be a good surprise for everyone because I worked a lot for it. We really wanted it to be an album that people can listen to everywhere like in the car, in the club, at a party, or maybe with your girlfriend – when you want to spend a little bit of time with her [Insert Limmy’s nervous giggle]. That’s why we did ten different songs for every listener.

Check out ‘1,000,000’ featuring Carlprit – an R&B flavoured track from her forthcoming album:


QUICK FIVE (well, it turned out to be six) with ALEXANDRA STAN:

Do you work out to your own music?

Not really. I don’t have much time for [working out]. I have a treadmill in my house but I don’t use it! My producer and friends told me, “Don’t buy this because you will not use it!” but I said, “No… I will use it!”. And it’s here sitting with all the dust!

Which do you prefer – cooking or cleaning?

Cleaning and doing the dishes. I don’t like the smell of cooking and it’s very hot when you cook. When you do the dishes, you have the chance to clear your mind. It’s relaxing! It’s [working] with water and water is good for liberating your karma and everything.

Who would you most like to work with musically?

A lot of different artists! I’d love to someday have an album with 12 songs and each song will be a song with a different artist. But I think right now, I’d really like to work with David Guetta and Martin Solveig. I’d really like to have a song with James Blunt because I really love him!

What were you working as before you launched your career in music?

Before I started doing music, I was still in university doing management and services. Right now, I’m in the third grade [Editor’s note: we’re assuming third year?] and I have to interrupt it because I have to travel around the world…

So how did you end up in music?

I was pushed by my family to [try out] for a music festival because they saw that since I was a little girl, I had a voice. They’ve pushed me all my life saying, “go make something! Please try something!” I decided to go to the casting at Mamaia Summer Festival (Romania’s biggest music festival) and there I met my producers Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi. We started this project from zero three years ago and it’s very lovely because now we’re best friends!

When was the last time you went to a gay club?

No, I never had the chance but I’ll be performing at a gay club in the UK in October, I think. I’d really love to see the reaction of the gay audience. It will be a new experience and I’m very excited to do that! And really, I don’t consider it different to go to a gay club or a regular club because it’s all for humans. I think it’s normal! It’s just sexual orientation, it doesn’t matter! It doesn’t define you.


Alexandra Stan‘s ‘Mr Saxobeat’ is out now and she’s slated to drop the album in September some time.



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