Che’Nelle ‘Follow Me’ Music Video

In the heat of every social media phenomenon comes some pop song that inevitably references it and sometimes, shit like that can date awfully quick and before you know it, nobody’s coming to claim it at the carousel.

Cue Che’Nelle‘s Twitter song ‘Follow Me’ which was actually written and posted in demo form sometime last year during the world’s mass take up of the social networking site. My Malaysian sista – best remembered for her 2007 RiRi wig snatching ‘I Fell In Love With A DJ’ – has cleverly fashioned a song that canvasses not just Twitter but meatier topics like cyber stalking and obsession with social networking – period.


As for the music video, this is all news to me. I had no idea that Ms Cheryline Lim was that serious on this track. It’s nonetheless fabulous to see her getting her fierce on in front of the camera again. For those of you who haven’t been in touch, Che’Nelle is currently promoting her third album Luv Songs (her second Japan-only release) and while plans for some kind of international release hasn’t been on the radar for years, things might change with the arrival of ‘Follow Me’. One can only hope.

Check out three A+ points about the ‘Follow Me’ music video:

1) Video vixen realness.

This scene in the jet hangar really is the best part of the video. You can’t say they didn’t shake out every penny in the piggy bank to turn this promo out. I mean, there were high-speed car chases, faux-paparazzi and a lovely scenic stop. But above all, we have Ms Che’Nelle stepping off looking like a million dollar bill. This is pretty much what I wanna look like should I ever try my hand in drag. Y’all know that I’m all about the high pony tail, hair flicking and strutting back and forth. Gurl, if I had a body like that I’d go to the supermarket dressed like this every week. I don’t give a fuck.

2) “Oi, mate…”

This is some lyrical opium den of goodness. Che’Nelle and Grammy-nominated songwriter Kay Cola has penned some uber quotable technology-ridden lines in ‘Follow Me’ but my fave is probably when Ms Lim pays homage to her part Aussie upbringing with the “Oi, mate…” opening in verse two. Y’know, I ain’t even mad if you don’t care for the social commentary in the song. The beat and melody’s sick’ning.

3) More.

There really is no third point of kudos I wanna give ‘Follow Me’ because snaps one and two more than covers it but I just wanna take this moment to stop and pray that Ms Che’Nelle follows this up with more new music. It’s comforting to know that her bread’s getting buttered over in Japan but she deserves to be so much bigger than that. Having supported her debut Things Happen For A Reason and sophomore Feel Good, it pains me to see so many great tracks on there slept on by the Western market. Let’s hope 2011 and 2012 brings more releases outside the Japanese borders.


Fingers crossed Che’nelle‘s ‘Follow Me’ will cop an iTunes release soon because I need to own this. And just in case you were wondering, there are 2,297 people following her on Twitter.


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