Introducing Jonny Rogers and his “Soldier” album

“Pretty boy, listen up I can put you on to the next, next level that you should be on!” When was the last time you had a random Danity Kane lyric sum up your first impression of an artist? Probably never. I’m operating on a whole different level to you mere mortals. Please keep up.

Take a look at Jonny Rogers. The child really shouldn’t be denied of the chance to make your day just because he’s a pretty blonde pop boy purveying an album of slick pop/R&B.

The 17-year old Las Vegas bred pop sensation has left the starting block ablaze with a promising album: Soldier. However, in the midst of absorbing his debut music video [hit play below] and checking on the record’s sonic direction – I can see Jonny needing to fine-tune a few things before he can step off like bona fide pop entertainer.

Jonny, like many child entertainers you see blossoming at this age, has been vocal-training and immersing himself in singing competitions around town since he was a tot. There’s a level of manicured pop precision in the way he sings and even down to the way the album was produced. The vision here is a cohesive combination of fun yet emotive teen pop/R&B layered with synths, strings and acoustic guitar noodlings.

Soldier is a ten-track taste test of Jonny’s pop versatility. We’re treated to smatterings of early 00s pop balladry in ‘Survival’ (strangely rekindling the essence of British boyband Blue), there’s smoothened acoustica a la cafeteria ambience in ‘Fallin Apart’, and a revival of the 90s-meet-Alcazar in ‘No Substitution’. All something I can personally indulge in on the daily.

The single and title track ‘Soldier’ is probably the strongest sample of the album’s uptempo offerings – a fluorescent robo-pop stomper that sounds like something Fred Schneider of B-52’s would produce for a teen star. The video is a rather enjoyable kitsch 70s sci-fi affair – I know you’ll be living for it:


Some kids are born with the looks and pipes but not everyone stands out with the X factor. [Editor’s note: this is sounding strangely familiar, Limmy. You still mad they offered Natalie Bassingthwaighte the judging position and not you?] The only missing link between Jonny Rogers and present day pop relevance is an album of solid material fit for the 2011/2012 season and some cohesive styling. I know it’s still early days for Jonny but perhaps he can go for less boy-next-door fresh out of open mic comps and more international popstar realness? Sometimes you gotta dress for the part in order to get there. A touch of kitsch and gimmickry never hurt Katy Perry‘s career, did it?


Jonny Rogers‘ debut Soldier is out now via iTunes everywhere. Grab it here.


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