Eddie Amador & Kimberly Cole (feat. Garza) ‘Arrow Through My Heart’

What does Limmy get up to between Monday to Friday when he’s not throwing it down at the clubs? He tries to wade through all the choice music recommendations that floods his inbox, of course. And this one’s getting pressed with a big stamp of approval.

Eddie Amador and Kimberly Cole have formed some kind of unholy alliance of mega fluorescent dance forces and us queens are powerless to fight it. ‘Arrow Through My Heart’ – featuring Garza on the rapz – sounds like the kinda jam I wanna be spilling my cocktails to. Cue throbbing frenetic electro beats with pop vixenesque vocals that recall your fave elements of Brooke Hogan‘s ‘Ruff Me Up’ and some Europop for good measure.

Take a listen to ‘Arrow Through My Heart’ – because everyone’s Monday morning should be a stinging reminder of how far Friday 5pm is.

You might remember the fabulous Kimberly Cole for her 2010 album Bad Girls Club, which spawned the fierce ‘Smack You’? She spoke to the rough divas in us when she growled, “tonight I’m gonna smack a chick!” Whatever the case, it’s a good thing she canned the drama and served more positive energy with the new single. If ‘Arrow Through My Heart’ is any indication of Ms Cole’s future material then I’m ready to order another round.


Eddie Amador & Kimberly Cole‘s ‘Arrow Through My Heart’ is now out on iTunes everywhere. Grab it here.


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