Sneaky Sound System “From Here to Anywhere” Album Cover and Tracklisting

“This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. This could be big for me and you…” – talk about the best foreshadowing lyrics you can have before your album drops.

Australian dance pop duo Sneaky Sound System has just released details about their heavily anticipated third studio album: From Here to Anywhere. Y’know, I am well excited about this era especially after hearing their immense new single ‘Big’, which was sent to radios on Monday.

I’ve always known that Connie and Angus are capable of turning out good accessible dance/pop but was it ever next-level material? Not really. Their breakthrough single ‘Pictures’ was good and its follow up ‘UFO’ still goes off every time I hear it at KFC – mind you, I only ever hear it at KFC these days. But there is something refreshing about the two singles from this era.

‘We Love’, which dropped a few months ago, saw Connie serving up some summery Kelis realness with buoyant pop productions. It was the kind of song that let the melody and vocals lead the way rather than a pulsating soundscape of synths and bass. Just quality. Then came ‘Big’ – a Sneaky Sound System single like no other – and it actually changed the way I perceived the band. ‘Big’ channels some mighty wistful dance balladry that’ll speak to any fan of Will Young‘s ‘Jealousy’, Robyn‘s ‘Dancing On My Own’ or Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s ‘Bittersweet’. It is literally snatching wigs of all your favourite British pop songs, effortlessly earning Popjustice’s Song of The Day kudos.

Let’s hope the forthcoming From Here to Anywhere album serves more A-grade brilliance. Check on the tracklisting:

1 – Friends
2 – We Love
3 – Big
4 – Really Want To See You Again
5 – Remember
6 – The Colours
7 – I Need You So
8 – 1984
9 – I’m Not Leaving
10 – Lovetown

The duo is expected to drop the video for ‘Big’ soon, which was shot in Las Vegas by film production team The Most. PS – are you living for the single and album artwork? I am loving the 80s Miami glam with elements of uber pop art.


Sneaky Sound System will release From Here to Anywhere on 7 October in Australia. Grab their new single ‘Big’ on iTunes here.



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